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This story is a sequel to Just My Luck...

(The spiritual successor to Just My Luck... and formally known as Just Perfect)

Hey my name is Maximus Meridius (Yes I was named after the main character of Gladiator.) and I was on my way to Comic-Con when a speeding car t-boned my car. Instead of instantly killing me the impact sent me to Equestria as a Guardian. I would have been fine with that, seeing as I'm a brony and all, but I was sent two thousand years in the past. Well I guess I could... you know wait it out seeing as I'm a Guardian now. So the big question for me is. What to do while I wait... Eh... I'll think of some thing.

(Takes part in Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 up to right before the Season of Dawn.)
(Destiny belongs to Bungie)
(MLP belongs to Hasbro)
(Cover image taken from the internet. If anyone knows who made it let me know so I can give proper credit.)

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As a pro Solar Titan, I am intrigued about this. I shall keep an eye on this story. Could use some editing though, but otherwise, not bad.

Thanks mate. I'm currently looking for an editor for an other story of mine. So once I get help with that story I'll see what I can do for this one.

That was something that had come about when writing this story. To what I have come to learn, doesn't make it valid, Bungie limits the use of exotics as a way to balance the game out. If there was unrestricted use of exotics in Destiny as a game it would be broken and certain weapons would become unused. If the Destiny universe was a real thing, wouldn't you want to equip the weapons and armor that can do the most damage and be the most helpful in a firefight against literal gods? That's just my line of thinking for this story. Your concerns are perfectly valid it is just the way I am writing my story.

I'm enjoying the story, looking forward to seeing the rest!

Okay first important suggestion............ add pictures
For real , add them
I'm not going to constantly google pictures of all this stuff and not everyone plays Destiny

.....it's a decent premise, the dialogue is....passable, but since I am a player of Destiny 's 1 & 2, I am appalled at the sheer number of stuff he has in his inventory. Nine for each slot, but you seem to disregard this rule completely. Plus, Exotic weapons are Exotic for a reason, maybe because they are quite literally unique & have expensive ammo/manufacturing process(Tractor Cannon, SUROS Regime, MIDA Multi-Tool, the D1 Swords, etc.) or one of a kind(Last Word, Lumina, Ace of Spades, Thorn)

Oh I know that's why I did it, plus it's a displaced story. Some of which I have read sometimes breaks the rules of their original source materials. Some times with introduceing different game mechanics that contradict another game mechanic. In our world Destiny is but a game with certain rules to keep things balanced and the weapons unique. In this story the Destiny universe pulls bits and pieces from the real world and the game world. So yeah I know exactly what I was and am doing. Yeah it will get some people, yourself included, pissed but it all boils down to it being fiction. Not every one is going to like it, but so far I have apparently done an okish job with the story having a 35/6 like dislike ratio on the story. Ultimately this is just a what if story set to the backdrop of MLP with Destiny as the power source.

Understandable. But, after looking at some of the lore for the enemies in Destiny.....The Exotic rule suddenly feels like something that should be kept to the Crucible. Because Hive and Taken are examples of how Humanity should have fallen(Ha!) long ago.

That was and is the plan. The Exotic Rule is staying for any Crucible matches that show up in the memory chapters. Though I'm not one hundred percent sure if I want to keep the Exotic Rule or not for Iron Banner matches when they show up in the memory chapters and I have no idea what I'm going to do with Gamit matches when they show up, but those are a long ways away.

I understand the sheer inventory increase, but my question pertains to the names. Who is Alex? Is Alex him? His ghost? Cause at one point He called Faye Alex, then at another Faye called Maximillion.

If you DO do this, is might be wise to mark "flashback" chapters differently. Such as Interlude chapters or something of the ilk. Also, you might wanna put the A/N at the top... was initially confused when I started reading. Others will take it much harder if they dont undertand that.

I'll give it a whirl.

The Monk
“Winona let out a bark and immediately ran up to Armor and started licking his muzzle, tail wagging like she was promised cake if she did it enough.” -Snakeskin Ducttape

"I think I will take it!" I exclaim as I hand over $2,450 out of 5K I had in my wallet. Knowing a few legendary armor sets that uses ornaments. The Age of Triumph raid armor, the Trials of Osiris' Vigil armor, and the Days of Iron set. So I was curious what armor set was in the bag.

Who the fuck cares 5k worth of cash in their wallet?!

Also, is there a story where we see this character go through the campaign? Cause that sounds really interesting

Hmm, well these flashback chapters will do nicely. Cause it is really interesting to see what Max is like in Destiny

Hmmmm..... dunno how to feel about this. Running outta things to read, and so few destiny stories on one hand. On the other, this hasn't been updated in over 2 years and not a peep from the author even though they've been online very recently....... I'm skeptical about reading stories like this, dead yet at the same time not, with no guarantee for any updates....

I'll think about it.

Bruh my first question was "Just how big is this fuckers wallet to hold that amount of cash?!" Hell just carrying a thousand males my wallet bulge lmao

What happened to them being slavers?

continue it we all want to see more soon:heart:

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