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I am a fan of HIE fics and a lover of Starcraft, D&D, Halo, Destiny 2, and more


When the planets/moons Io, Titan, Mars, and Mercury disappeared the human race was in a panic. During an expedition to the last known location of Mars, a new planet was discovered, named Avalon by the ones who discovered it. It was a world untouched by the forces of the Cabal, Fallen, HIVE, Vex, and Taken

The discovery of Avalon gave hope to the citizens of the last city and they forced encouraged Zavala to send an expedition to Avalon. The fireteam that was chosen to explore the new planet was Fireteam Scout, a Fireteam that specializes in speed and stealth.

On Avalon, Equestria was in their own golden age when the peace was shattered when the whole world was thrust into a solar system at war. Now, Princesses Celestia and Luna must enlist the help of the Guardians if they wish to protect their world from destruction.

Destiny 2 belongs to Bungie and Microsoft
MLP belongs to Hasbro
Markov, Reaper 99, and Sapphire-6 are my in-game characters.
John 17 belongs to Deadmemes
Aroura Xal belongs to TheWolfSpartanBrony
Dexter belongs to w1drose
and Nightingale belong to Nightingale15
If you play destiny and wish for your character to make an appearance, please post the name, race, gender, class, and equipment (weapons, armor, and ship without mods) of said character in the comment section.

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Hello and have a follow, Guardian.

John-17, Stasis exo hunter, Magnificent Solstice helmet, arms, chest, and cloak, with Stompies, Ace of Spades, Mountaintop, Falling Guillotine

I apologize if this is a bit much, but the vagueness of the equipment requirement left it a bit open ended and so what fallows is what I would consider my Awoken Warlock to run with. Most of the equipment listed below I have in-game.

Name - Aroura Xal
Race - Awoken
Gender - Female
Class - Warlock
Preferred Subclass - Voidwalker

Armor -
Helmet - Solstice Hood (Magnificent) (2020)
Gauntlets - Solstice Gloves (Magnificent) (2020)
Chest Armor - Solstice Robes (Magnificent) (2020)
Leg Armor - Solstice Boots (Magnificent) (2020)
Class Armor - Solstice Bond (Magnificent) (2020)

Weapons -
Kinetic - False Promises
Energy - First in Last Out
Heavy - Anarchy

Legendary Weapon Perks & Mods -
False Promises - Polygonal Rifling, Flared Magwell, Overflow, Rampage, Range Masterwork, and Counterbalance Stock
First in Last Out - Polygonal Rifling, Tactical Mag, Outlaw, Vorpal Weapon, Stability Masterwork, and Counterbalance Stock

Armor Mods -
Head - Discipline Mod 3, Grenade Launcher Ammo Finder, Shotgun Ammo Finder,
Arms - Minor Discipline Mod, Grenade Launcher Loader, Shotgun Loader
Chest - Discipline Mod, Grenade Launcher Reserves, Shotgun Reserves
Legs - Discipline Mod, Grenade Launcher Scavenger, Shotgun Scavenger
Class - Discipline Mod, Bomber, Bomber

Miscellaneous -
Armor Shader (Applied to all armor pieces) - Calus's Selected
Armor Ornament (Applied to all armor pieces) - Solstice (Magnificent)
Ghost Shell - Scarlet Swarm
Ghost Shell Shader - Calus's Selected
Ghost Mods - Guiding Light, Makeshift Resource Detector, Meager Glimer Booster, Materialism 9Vanguard)
Ship - Ada-1's Lone Wolf
Ship Shader - Midnight Smith
Sparrow Any Other Sky
Sparrow Shader - Midnight Smith

Name: Dexter
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Hunter (prefers nightstalker)

Helmet: Mask of the Great Hunt
Arms: Grips of the Great Hunt
Chest: Vest of the Great Hunt
Legs: Orpheus Rigs
Class Item: Cloak of the Great Hunt

Kinetic Weapon: Izanagi's Burden
Energy Weapon: Nation of Beasts
Heavy Weapon: Falling Guillotine

Ghost Shell: Rimed Shell
Sparrow: Winchester's Ruin
Ship: Estival Excursion

All using Amethyst Veil Shader

Name - Nightingale
Race - Human
Gender - Male
Class - Hunter (Gunslinger bottom tree)
Class abilities - gambler's dodge, swarm grenade, triple jump

Helmet - celestial nighthawk with hrafnagud ornament (shader shrouded stripes)
Arms - Neoteric Kiyot Grasps (shader shrouded stripes)
Chest - Neoteric Kiyot Vest (shader shrouded stripes)
Legs - Neoteric Kiyot Strides (shader shrouded stripes)
Cloak - Neoteric Kiyot Cloak (shader shrouded stripes)

Kinetic Weapon - Lumina
Energy Weapon - gnawing hunger
Heavy Weapon - quickfang

Ghost Shell - sanctified vigilance (His name is Lawrence)
Sparrow - Burnout
Ship - infected seeker

Personality, quirks and traits.
-He is very easy going and likes to joke around
-He likes to help others. That is why he likes to use Lumina for its healing capabilities
-He favors his knives over everything else in combat and is very accurate with them
-Likes alcohol way too much

Picture is also provided in the link (if it works): https://puu.sh/GTKJC.png

I hope to see myself in the story :3

will this story have Beyond Light with Guardians and Ponies exploring Europa?

I can see the Princesses, other important ponies like Shining Armor, and maybe even the Elements of Harmony, getting a briefing on the Darkness/Pyramids; from old records of the Collapse to the more recent things like the Scarlet Keep on the Moon and the downed Pyramid there, to the slow arrival of the Pyramid Fleet into the system, ending with a recording of their last message given on the Io Pyramid before four worlds vanished.

Love it so far. I had hard time on deciding should i choose Lumina or thorn. In the end I went with lumina, because I thought that if our characters are gonna show up more than ones it would be cool to play as a support...ish role. Also, someone who plays a lot of crucible it was nice to see that first thing i hear about myself is that I have been visiting crucible.

Liking it so far. Was not expecting for Aroura to be Fireteam Leader, but I like it and the fact that she got the most kills. Which in truth is far, far more than what I can reasonably get when playing Crucible even when using Witherhoard. Mostly due to several visual impairments and a slower processing speen than other people. Should be interesting to see what happens later on down the line.

yo mah dude are you gonna update any day soon i wanna see who's gonna save your ass

I'm working on it, please be patient because it's so hard to decide!

awesome keep up the good work

"Darn you Humans! Don't you see that your presence will attract the darkness to Equestria?!"

*Chuckles in Season of the Arrival*

We shall also request for copies of your weapons so we can create our own versions

Yeah…that’s totally how industry and engineering works.

The whole “moving the planet” or “moving the sun and moon” never made sense. The simplest explanation while fitting in the level of power displayed by the princesses in the show is that they move the light that is directly shining onto Equestria. Still super impressive, but far more in-line with how we see magic commonly used in the show.

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