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An ancient elven friend of the princess sealed himself long ago for the safety of the world. Why? To protect them from himself.

Now he's back. How will he live in a world that is peaceful and possibly far more advance than he is? Time will only tell....

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Very noice prologue can’t wait to see more!

How is the world of Dungeons and Dragons less advanced then the world of Equestria?

Oh, I said possibly more advance. So maybe more advance.

Thanks, I glab you enjoyed it

So far I like it. keep coming up with more chapters when you can.

I really like this, please keep it up bud

I'm currently working on chapter 2. Stay tuned

Oh, I plan too in the future, but a little too busy with my other stories and life.

But not know

But not now

I going to devour the sun Celestia.


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