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After the events at Camp Everfree, Sunset Shimmer hoped the rest of the summer would be spent hanging out with her friends and exploring her new magic. One night, an armored woman named HIldr arrives, wielding unique powers, and shows Sunset Shimmer that the world is bigger and stranger than she ever believed. Fighting an enemy she doesn't understand and running from a government that doesn't trust her, Sunset Shimmer does her best to help Hildr return to her own time and show that the past does not dictate the future.

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Love me some Destiny, lets see where this goes.


Need to put different peoples speech on different lines. Other than that its a solid first chapter

Better story than both games combined.

Uh, Will? What are you doing here?

Those guys are about to make a huge mistake. If anything I'm guessing a few of them are going to end up dead.

Um, I'm not quite sure what you are referring to. Care to explain?

8906712 sorry let me rephrase “agent j , what are you doing here?” ( Men in Black reference)

Ah. Got it. It all makes sense now.

Oh boy. I wonder what kind of pony Hildr turns into.

Oh boy. I don't think that was Twilight's brightest idea. Again. -.-;

Which part wasn't Twilight's best idea? She seems to have a lot of those.

Telling Celestia and not letting Sunset know before she and Hildr used the portal. Mainly telling Celestia this time.

Yeah, i guess there tends to be a lot of that.

Dash being hotheaded: 1
Twilight being dumb: 3
Things about to get crazy in the Everfree? Oh yeah.

I've been accused of being a bit unfair to Twilight and focusing on her more annoying traits. But we'll see.

I think it's needed. I know I pick up on them a lot watching the show. I can't wait to see how things go next.

Now that's how the reunion with Sunset and Celestia should have gone. Instead all we got was that lame excuse in forgotten friendship.

That could have been much worse, but I think everyone had something they needed to hear.

I think Twilight is getting some needed lessons here. Keep the tough love coming.

Why would you give him an Ahamkara scale? Those things are nothing but trouble!

Well those guys are getting the price of their foolish plan. I can't wait to read Hildr putting them in the house of pain. *evil grin*

A story I'll be reading again and again. I hope to see another with Hildr and Sunset meeting again. I hope to see you again Hunter. Warlock out.:twilightsmile:

You have done well. Hopefully we will get a sequel.

As a big fan of Destiny, I can say that I definitely clicked on this story immediately the moment I saw it!

It's not often that I see Destiny fics on here, and even rarer for them to be finished. But to say the least this story was a wild ride, I seriously loved what you did with it as well as the special spins you put in both franchises!

Even though there's definitely errors in the story in terms of grammar and what-not, that stuff however is seriously dwarfed by how much I love what you did with it! The direction was fun and the overall plot had a satisfying conclusion (although a bit teasing too with Nyx).

Overall I'd like to thank you for the finished story, it was very satisfying to read and I appreciate the work you've done for it! If you ever plan to do a sequel, I can guarantee that I will immediately be there to check it out~

Wow. Thank you for your comment, that really means a lot.

Whatever he said had an immediate effect. "WHAT! What do you mean you made quesadillas?" Her eyes were wide and she started breathing heavily. Twilight then realized where she was. She cleared her throat and held her head up in a dignified manner. "Ahem. Please ignore everything you just saw. Everything is fine."

Twi: They're just so cheeeeeessy

Ah. I've never heard it called that before.

Couple things.
1. You really needed to waste your super on a fucking Minotaur?
3. Wish Ender, Sleeper Simulant, or Ace of Spades?

1. It's for dramatic effect.
2. I don't disagree with you on that.
3. This story takes place before those weapons existed.

1. I usually just chuck a cluster grenade, does the job good
3. I mean like between the three, which exotic would you pick of you absolutely had to?

Between those three? Awesome space laser for sure.

Oh yes. Do you play Destiny 1 or 2?

"Hello darkness, my old friend I've come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains Within the sound of silence."

FUCK YES I memorized the whole damn song

Raven floated nearby and Hildr looked around at her surroundings. Whereas Everfree Forest gave a sense of danger and foreboding, this place seemed ancient and powerful. The Magic was almost palpable and Hildr could feel a tingling deep in her bones.


Lit. Finally, actual fourth wall breaking, and it's at the end of the last chapter. What the fuck.

Ace has been a thing for some time in the lore. Sleeper Stimulant I think was something Rasputin had schematics for, but never a reason to build. Wish Ender is an old bow that we rediscover, but i'm guessing Hildr doesn't have access to the Dreaming City, so she can't get it.

Avatar the Last Air-bender?

1. I know right!?
3. I think sleeper simulant

I really hope to see twilights reply and or that the warlock reads this entry

She'll probably just shoot herself and respawn back as human. Question: what happens when an exo traverses the mirror portal?

I think I liked Sunset's cutie mark story significantly more than Twilight's. Unlike Twilight her motive was much more specific and pure.

Mech-alicorn maybe? That or nothing happens. This is a hard one to call here.

Then Sleeper, Crimson, or Thunderlord?

It kinda gets glossed over a little in An Unusual Request when Nyx goes to Equestria, but I am of the opinion that nothing would happen to her since she is a mechanical being. The mirror only seems to affect organic life (ponies, people, dragons, etc.)

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