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(Icon by Zutcha) In the words of Rune Soldier Dan: “You ever have an idea where you're like, ‘This isn't gonna be Hemingway, but it's gonna be fun?’”


They are calling it the Age of Triumph. Multiple threats to the Last City have been dispatched. The Traveler is beginning to heal. The children are no longer frightened.

But for one warlock, her inability to master the self-resurrection technique Fireborn has drawn the ire of the Warlock Vanguard, Ikora Rey. Faced with an ultimatum, she dives deeper into herself in search of an identity she can truly call her own.

What she finds, and the friends she finds with it, could permanently change the balance between Light and the Darkness.

Takes place at the end of Destiny 1 (Rise of Iron) and before Destiny 2. Familiarity with the setting is recommended. "Violence" and "Death" tags are in line with Destiny's setting. And the profanity tag is because Fluttershy insisted on using one particular word.

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...I wonder if that orange-armored and blond-haired titan is going to be important.:ajsmug:

I look forward to more.

This is pretty good so far but the tags are confusing, is this Equestria Girls or not?


That’s fair; there’ll be more exposition next chapter to clear it up. In summary: these are all the native ponies. The high school counterparts graduated and lived their lives while Sunset went back to Equestria.


No, definitely not important at all. :ajsmug:

Was not expecting loops reference there.

If i had to guess, i’d say that Harmony is what allowed the ponies to keep their memories. I wonder what they were doing on golden age earth when the collapse hit


It probably will not be the last reference. It’s kinda the thing that got me back into fanfic.

This has potential...

CMD: Tracking subroutines; activated.

There is no way to properly type a fangirl scream.


Maybe not, but I'm imagining it. And offering one in return. :yay:


fennekin.nowhere.local:~ sparkplug$ sendnotice -n -m 'Thanks!'

so where's twilight?

“Did you just shoot me in the face with a Party Shotgun?”

And judging by the results, it's a good thing that was a Party Shotgun and not a Party Gjallarhorn. shudders:pinkiecrazy:

I'm thinking she's either not revived, or lost somewhere.


You know, that is an excellent question. :scootangel:


Definitely. The Party Gjallarhorn should only be fried from a minimum distance of 5.2 meters and has a blast radius of 3 meters. It should not be fired directly at a non-Lightborn as a direct hit can cause grevious injury and/or death.

It's only a matter of time... and loot!:pinkiecrazy:

I wonder if golden age tech needs light to work. If not, then equestria has had several centuries worth of golden age tech with no risk from darkness. If celestia and any descendants starlight, sunburst, and starswirl had are able to restore the portal, the last city will have gained a powerful ally.

And now for a super out there theory: since we currently have a full raid fireteam (with balanced classes, no less) i doubt that twi will join them as a guardian. Therefore, my theory is that she is still alive.


You know, I am going to have to have an interlude or two seeing how Equestria fares after the collapse.

Also, yes. Totally out there. That is a very crackpot theory. :moustache:


I mean, she’s clearly been savathun this whole time, but i didnt want to spoil anyone by saying it.

weird yet very interesting


I’ll take that! Hopefully it doesn’t swerve into “confusing”; please let me know if it does. And thanks for reading!

I played Destiny for a long while so I'm up to date on the lore and characters

I know who she is! She's Ikora, isn't she? It all makes sense! At the last moment, Twilight used Light, Void light. In addition, Ikora is powerful, studious, a stickler for rules, and possesses deep arcane knowledge. In addition, she was the personal student of a mythic leader, one inextricably liked to the sun. Osiris.

As the final proof, Ikora ray shaves her head! Obviously hiding something, like a vivid purple hair color that would clash horribly with her dignified vanguard image.


Those are a lot of words... :trollestia:

Do they mean anything? I wasn't paying attention...

Love it.

...... When this series ends I kinda want the girls to blast Gaul with friendship lasers as they are cut off from there light


Oh, I have plans for Gaul. :rainbowdetermined2: But I have to finish this arc first.

Dash gonna be so mad she lost all of her exotics!

Uh-oh, so it's the Equestrian mane 6 that got caught earth-side?

Youch. I wonder how Equestria and its ponies weathered losing their greatest defenders.


The short answer is “well enough.” The slightly longer answer involves the elements choosing new bearers to be decided.

Yeah, gonna have to have that epilogue once I finish this arc.

So essentially a Pillars situation for the mane 7? Gone for X years to return to a changed Equestria many years later?

Applejack needs Peregrine Greaves, it is inevitable.

(Warning, ecstatic ranting, do not watch at work)

Noted. Should see more of her next chapter.

Is this based off of another story?

I borrowed the titan Hivebane from my other story, yes, but that was mostly because I needed them to interact with a “normal” guardian.

This is a good story, I hope you add more

Are you going to continue the story?

I would like to, yes. I’ve got the rest mapped out (about 2 more chapters and an epilogue?) but... well, it’s been hard to write lately.

I'm loving the story hope to see more

Really? Usually these crossovers are longer. Why are you making this story so short?

Honestly, my plan is to make a sequel anthology story for telling more stories in this universe. But I don’t do well with long, drawn-out epics. I need story arcs or else I just get overwhelmed and stop. And I hate incomplete stories more than poorly written ones.

Shiva Twilight? That'd be all kinds of troublesome.

Hold on though, how did the Fallen of all beings pick up on her?

Edit: sadly, this seems to put paid to my "Ikora is Twilight" idea, ah well.

I’ll be honest, it’s a good idea. This was just one of the first details of the story I had laid out.

As much as I usually don’t like Rushing people more please soon

Hey, how did you get the picture of Sunsets cutie mark on warlock arms? I'm thinking of writing an MLP X D story but from Twilights perspective and I'd like to put Twilights' symbol on a pair instead

I used the picture in the source as a base and photoshopped it on :scootangel:

Edit: just saw that the source is no longer up. So I’d look around for some screenshots (try to give credit) and use those. If you don’t have a photoshop-like program, The GIMP is a good free one.

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Whens the next update?



Love it, like to see a follow on.

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