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Too tired to care about life... but Fiction lives on.


Guardian. Warlock. Sunsinger. What happens when Guardian Sunset Shimmer returns home with a fellow Sunsinger by her side? Two Warlocks of Light in a world of Magic, with none of the problems that plagued the Earth, but rather its own.

Chapters (3)
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Very Interesting, hope this continues. :twilightsmile:

Ok, sure; let’s see where this goes. :twilightsmile:

Cursed cliffhangers!!! Though I wonder if our two praisers of the sun will get along with everypony considering they’re immortal.

Had to delete the third chapter for editing. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Human, Risen, or Exo,

It awoken not Risen.

This is good better than last time the tension is there and it doesn’t feel like I’m reading crack.

Former version was written on three days of no sleep and on the week of finals. So comparable to being on crack.

We prepped our escape strategy, usually it was a combination of bullets, explosives, and space magic. But since we didn’t know if these were beings of Darkness or not, it was now no bullets, less explosives, and non-lethal space magic. No time like the present to make new friends by punching in their noses. “Isn’t that how you met Sunset?” Shut up Little Light, thats a story to recount over whiskey, space magic, and bullets… lots of bullets.

Pfft... This I GOTTA hear.

Nice. Whens the next chapter?

Sorry, just bought the Mass Effect trilogy. You know how new games can be.

Fair enough. What console? I'm a pc/phone guy myself, though I don't mind using Xbox or Nintendo.

Play Station, bought the trilogy and Andromeda for nearly $10 total, also got Fallout 3, already played and beat New Vegas, and 4, decided to try out the original Bethesda hit game.

Already my favorite teammates are Garrus and Tali.

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