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Kathranis Shadowsong, Blademaster of a band of refugee elves, finds himself transported into the realm of Equus as the result of a misfired spell. Equus is in a time of strife following the rise of the Royal Pony Sisters over the land of Equestria, and many old nations fear the power of the self-crowned goddesses. Thrown into the mix are a new race of humans, orcs, and elves that find themselves teetering on the edge of war. Follow the elvish ranger as he finds his way through a new world filled with new friends, foes, and even new gods that he finds himself in contest with.

Set before the rise of Nightmare Moon. The opening scene (and some cursory background knowledge) is based loosely on the Haunted Lands trilogy by Richard Lee Byers. I highly recommend the series, as it is one of my favorite D&D reads.

First featured, 1/11/2021!

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Sounds interesting, added to read list, but does it have to be anthro?

I thought it worked best with the D&D characters that way, especially given that there are aracrokra in d&d. It makes moving worlds a change, while also remaining somewhat familiar.

I do wonder I'll the coming conflict alter Luna's plans and perhaps prevent Nightmare Moon's emergence all together? The common pony and Celestia too will treat Luna much diffrent during a war, the citizens counting on her protection and her sister being concerned for her safely cou tng how much they drifted apart during peace time.

Will the story timeline ever go post Nightmare Moons return?

Not this story specifically (I'm breaking it into about 3 other stories in my effort to make it a "novel" series), but yes, the wider story will eventually move a thousand years into the future.

I wonder how you'll do te Ponies. How to anthroize horses is odd, clearly not going for human except the head, so I assume hooved feet, but bow about hands? Going for the inexplicably human hands? 4 digits? Of the less common 2 fingers and thumb with thick nails(I usually go for this myself but to each thier own). Also do the Griffons have tails and pawed feet? Fully clothed feet would be hard to see.

Honestly the only species on an anthroized Equis tat would slot into D&D perfectly are Diamond Dogs, they are basically subterranean Gnolls

I will read your story with great interest.

Makes sense that even if he gets magic from his patron Shdowsong would get more magic in Equis, as the world is so suffused with magic it's mundane. She send him the same amount of her own power but it's magnified several times.

Clear the. Earth ponies are not the bulk of the Equestrian Military as the Griffions clearly don't known they are the physicaly strongest of the tribes and can likely punt a griffin in a fight. Pretty easy to buy thought, except Mighty Helm there aren't really Earth Pony warriors. Some things you can't believe till you see it happen. A good Warlord wouldn't show off how much damage this. "ordinary" citizens can cause, it's too good a Trump card. Would confuse the hell out of the enemy, then ponies withdrawal the elite troops an dispatch the town milita? You drop your guard, then the milita wrecks you shit? Humiliation and Terror in equal measure. You lost too peasants and said peasants displayed frightful strength? You don't mess with that country any more.

Not sure I agree with this, Toril is also so suffused with magic it's rather mundane. The difference is that the weave of magic for
Toril is heavily regulated by the goddess Mystra. This is to prevent another mortal from repeating what's known as Karsus' folly. When he tried to replace Mystral as the god of magic and nearly destroyed the weave.

Well clearly Luna by-pass the anti-mind control runes cause she was not attempting mind control but using dream magic to probe his mind.

“So Shadowsong, what do you want to know first?”

who killed the elf and why?

Blademaster, thy name is mud.

Then again, good thing Luna and Celestiasplaces aint switched, or his name would be Ash?:twilightoops:

Oh Luna... Alicorns are all trolls aren't they?

Suddenly mentioning that it's easier to fight a mountain than trying to lie gives some context.

Noooooo! why did it have to end? i need moar!

Is Kathranis dense or in denial in regards to Aquila?

Good chapter, good first impressions from the king and queen here. Though the comment about the kings supporters has me wondering about any plans he has.

He mentioned the fact as. Elf he will outlive her and elves avoid "personal entanglement" with species that don't live as long as they do. A romantic relationships would certainly qualify. The only no elf in attendance who can understand is Luna of course.
It was mentioned Luna is partly Thestral, Humm is that true of all Alicorns or just Luna. Could be all Alicorns have Thestral in them but Luna shows it more due to being the Night princess. If Alicorns have DNA from all pony variants it explains things, why Nightmares all have slit pupils and fangs, why celestia and Twilight ignite thier manes and tails(Kirin DNA).

Good chapter, I do wonder what extra duties/powers being champion entails though

I eagerly await for more of this

Brown Coat's philosophy on clothes is very much like Rarity ,after the disaster from season one, you don't make the outfit the client wants, you make they one they need!

This story is so underrated.

Me thinks the Gods of Faerun will find Harmony will not play thier political games, and Mask better prepare to Spend a LONG time in stone. As for the Moon Elves... Well they have a Demi-Goddess option in Equestria now don't they?

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