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"Y'know, people don't expect much out ofa bayou boy like me. Yet I was born 'le diable blanc', 'The White Devil' and was raised by the Thieves Guild of New Orleans. I fell in love wit', and almost married de daughter of de opposing guild. And I found I can manipulate tings as long as I touch 'em first; move 'em around, make 'em blow up, whatever.

"However, da most shocking t'ing dat I have done is die, only to wake up in a strange new world with humanoid pony looking tings everywhere"

Remy "Gambit" Lebeau in Equestria. Everyone is anthro. Gambit will have a harem, of which will be all villainesses, villains turned female and every possible evil version of characters (such as Daybreaker, Midnight Sparkle and the creepypasta ponies). And Gambit will have his mutant powers, all while being an Earth Pony.

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“New Horseleans, ya mean,” He looked up and his jaw dropped at what can only be described as the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was tall, with a magnificent bust, and her entire body was shaped like an hourglass. She had light orange fur, emerald green eyes, and long blonde hair tied in a braid. She was wearing denim short shorts, cowgirl boots, a white tank-top with a red plaid shirt over it, the front tied together. She was every man’s dream girl, if she were a southerner. “Mah name’s Applejack. Good to meetcha, Mister Lebeau” she said as she shook his hand hard and fast.

i see that dying and jumping realities hasn't caused him to lose his usually great taste in women.

Looks like a very well written story. Upped and followed.

"Master...? What's going on?"

Did this just become what I think It did?

Wow, great story so far! Keep up the good work.

next one is queen umbra

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