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The dreaded sex tag. · 3:15am December 7th

Most of my stories will be rated M but will NOT have sex scenes, yet. I will put in a placeholder chapter for each scene and if/when I am more comfortable with my writing I will add them in. For now though they will retain the sex tag.

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Confused as to what you mean, as I have read and re-read the rules and cannot see any violations. I was simply agreeing to their own personal reviews, their thoughts might help in future chapters. Please explain, I might be missing something.

Sure go right ahead, thanks for the follow!

Mind if my group and I keep an eye on and review your story Careful What You Doodle? Big fan so far and we'd like to see where this goes.

*Sigh* Well it turns out I'm one of the people I hate, the ones who start a story and never finish. To be completely honest, I fixed the hard drive issue a week and a half after my last post. Why i waited until now to come back online? I simply forgot I had even started a story on here, also when I remembered I had become very busy with work and lazy when i had free time. I feel like a total plot head now and apologize for my stupidity. However I would like to try again now that i have found more free time. I am going to try to get some chapters written in the next few days but i do not know if I can post them until i get home as i am currently in a motel room about 200 miles from home. Again i am truly sorry and I hope you all will give my stories a second chance. Yes, i said stories, plural. As promised my next story "Easy Access, the Story of Quill" will be getting added and updated at the same time as "Careful What You Doodle."

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