I love that show maybe because we had the same name. I thought it was cool that I was matched with generator Rex but then it got weird when a portal opened up and sucked me into it.  Inside the portal these blue lines started to show up everywhere on my body I couldn’t handle all of it and I passed out. What will happen

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Wow, imagine this being possible in real life.

A few things;

1. Do not use pictures in a story. It's lazy. Describe the characters instead and let the imagination do the work.

2. Don't keep swapping POV in a chapter, and don't denote it. It's also lazy writing, and it'll render the reader confused. If you're going to change from one character's perspective to another, do it via a chapter.

3. Avoid run on sentences. Many of the sentences in this story are far too long.

I think it's cool, and it looks like you took my advice

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Thank you sir. Waiting for the store shop owner gave me time to look around. Looking around the shop I can see all the tips of machines like TVs, game consciousness and toys that was mostly what you see. “Here you go, try to fix this, oh by the way my name is Fix-it Felix, nice to meet you”. Nice to meet you too, my name is Rex.

You always would want to make a good impression in front of someone’s friends.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about the show.

I got confused reading this when trying to figure out, which sentence belongs to which character, but i managed it.

Ok few things, one: still confusing dialog in the begining but, better near the end with twi and the girls. Second: nice touch with Felix

You need to put quotation marks for when Rex is speaking. Also slow down your pace and describe/ go into more depth on certain things. The way it’s written now makes it feel rushed

This would suck if didn’t know anything about Generator Rex.

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Comment posted by Fox spirit deleted Aug 31st, 2021

Here's No Face

So When's the next chapter?

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