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Hey what's up everyone? I'm a video gaming brony geek who loves adventure and romance. My favorite thing to do is write stories for others across the world to read.



Sonic, Shadow, and Silver have been sent to the world of Canterlot High along with the seven Chaos Emeralds by the Master Emerald after hearing of a prophecy about the fate of worlds. They will have to go through school again if they are to regain the seven Chaos Emeralds and saved the worlds from the eternal darkness, for the emeralds have been claimed by some of the students of Canterlot High.

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You guys had me at the cover art. Please direct me to the genius behind this work of art. Love how this started and cant wait for sonic to "meet his match", although his "match" is probably going to have a few issues competing (such as the fact that hes broken the sonic, light, and time barriers in less time than the Flash), but looking forward to it all the same. Keep up the good work.

Since this is a romance story, i hope they can stay in their world, or visit very often, i like something like that at the end of the story, i just want to say it already.

homing attack

this is the only thing i am never sure if a Human should be able to do it, i always think Sonic should have a different movement, which has more or less the same effect, but i am not really complaining here.

I hope, that not everyone starts to really love them, we don´t need a harem for everyone i guess, i had a fanfiction with the same theme, that made 5 of the main six to fall in love with Sonic, and after 4 weren´t able to get Sonic, they tried to get Silver, and Shadow.

Nice first chapter, i don´t know if you write this chapter, after you had read that one which is similar to this story, but i hope you try to make more different, and please don´t copy to much. Befor it happens i wanted to ask, that you try not to rush anything in the future chapters, i hope for a long story, or a story with a sequel, but it should still not be to short.

His gang ran away also scared of what Silver might do to them.

I don´t know how many they are, but usually a huge group stil tries to attack.

"Ahem, well uuh, we should get going now." Silver said changing the subject looking at the clock, "Next period starts in 3 minutes. Me and my brothers got to go to PE next."

this didn´t happened the first time, it was like "wanna hang out for 5 minutes?" (as Silver asked them to hang out the first period, i mean how long is one period at this school? Okay maybe this question is a bit mean, but maybe you should have made it, that they were going to a different place befor talking, this maybe could explain how the time went by. ( i hope i got that sentence right)

Nice story so far, the second chapter was even different than the one from that other story i think. I am not sure if you had read it, but the first chapter felt awful familiar.

So far i like it, that not all three started to fall in love with Silver, but Rarity and Silver happend in the other story as well.
There also happened Shaow X Pinkie, but that was because i asked, and i think Sonic X Dash.

Because of that i think i would love Shadow X Fluttershy, but Shadow X Pinkie is okay too, i never read the rest of the other fanfiction, so it still would be new for me, and somehow i like Pinkie X Shadow. Shadow x Fluttershy would probably be like Shadow X Maria.

6103275 The human equivalent of sonic's Homing Attack? I point you to the Arcana Heart series, which has an ability across all characters known as the "Homing Dash". Or Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Terra's Air Dash or Ven's Superglide.

Sonic Dash shipping? Haven't seen that in a while. Amy's either gonna be extremely jealous or extremely pissed (most likely the latter). Either way, it'd be bad for RD if she came over or found out somehow. Great chapter.

On another note, is Coach Armor supposed to be Shining Armor?

6107219 Yes. Coach Armor is Shining Armor

Ko please continue this it's awesome and to to see who will fall in love with who especially Amy. :moustache:

Noooooo tony wait who's tony

i'm not sure but don't they only have three and Eggman has one that only makes four and there's seven all together

6408573 My Grandfather. Yeah that joke wasn't a joke. It was real

6409302 As far as I can remember off the top of y head, they haven't found all of them yet.

6409357 KO well can't to see the squeal of the story and to see if there's going to be sex involve.

6409520 ...Sorry. I haven't written any M Fiction... yet :rainbowderp:

This is not bad. I will keep reading.

6419345 Don't know. I'm not really big on M stories....... We'll see. :twilightsmile:

She saw him and growled, "I am no longer Fleetfoot. I am Chaos Fleetfoot

...Booooooooo bad villain name

Otherwise this is a great story.

6430610 If you don't like it, too bad. It's that way and it's staying that way. :flutterrage: Besides, it was the best I could come up with... Wow. People in FIM criticize a little more than in Fan.

But thanks for liking the story. :twilightsmile:

is it me or does shadow look like a badass in that cover photo

6435588 Shadow's supposed to look like a badass. It Shadow the Hedgehog... er Human.:pinkiehappy:

Just catching up with this right now....Who's Memphis? lol

6448229 It was supposed to be Mephiles, but I never played Sonic 06, but Shadicbro B came back and fixed it for me

6448229 The main villain of Shadow's story in Sonic The Hedgehog (2006).

You didn't see the lol part of my comment...it was a joke

LOL on the commentary at the end.:rainbowlaugh: Anyways the story is amazing so far. Nice job.:twilightsmile:

That was a great story.:yay: I was surprised by how big the cast had gotten but in a good way. I will be reading part 2 now. Can't wait.:twilightsmile:

6546778 Just to let you know, M&EG 2 kind of sucked.

Fuision Haaaa dbz referance :yay:

6667112 Ummm... No. :facehoof: I don't watch DBZ... That is a Nazo Unleashed reference.

>>DarkMaster my bad i havnt seen nazo unleashed in a while the why i said it was a dbz referance

Neo then further analyzes the friendship blast.

"well I'm to go make some friends."

Nice. This is a great story. Reading it for a second time.

6745969 Glad you like it. Sorry about the Chaos Corrupted names. I admit, they are lame, but that was all I could come up with at the time.

"AHH!" Sonic yelled as he fell from the sky. He hit the ground and got his face stuck in the ground

You just had to keep the joke going

6760502 Had to make it seem like my favorite Sonic games, Sonic and the Black Knight, and Sonic Unleashed. :twilightsmile: Those scenes were so funny. :rainbowlaugh:

6103343 Well allow me to edit and specify how many there was in the "group". :pinkiesmile:

6760502 the joke shall never die :rainbowdetermined2:

6948586 I'm sorry, but that scene from Sonic Unleashed was so funny, I had to put it in

A spitdash shipping?!? Well.... this is new.

7059052 Huh? I don't remember putting anything on Spitdash

7060633 Dark Steele? He's my first OC. Dark Steele the Master of Darkness. Here's a link to one of the wikis he'll be on.

Dark Steele

I never saw shadow like this!

Let me guess, Chaos Flash?

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