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Favorite Series - Kingdom Hearts, My Little Pony, Bionicle, Gundam, Yugioh, Cardfight!! Vanguard, Bakugan, Halo. Love to Make Crossovers and hoping to make it the best.

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A concern for the end of FIM · 6:55pm Oct 21st, 2018

Hey for those who are waiting for the story, I haven’t done much due to the fact the FIM is ending soon and I don’t know if I want to continue making fanfic due to the fact they won’t be any bronies here anymore and worried that FIMfiction will be empty and gone.

I want to ask you all of you, should I continue being a brony?

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Thank you for following my story, Equestria Ninja Girls X Power Rangers.

Thanks for favoriting “Rise of The Shadow Empire”! Stay tuned for more!

Hey there, GundamBrony, how's it going with Episode 5 - Master and Student lately?

Please listen to my past self!!!!

Please do more knights of chima!

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