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I believe in second chances. The two things necessary for that are the people willing to GIVE that chance, and those who will TAKE that chance.


Going on vacation · 4:05am Aug 7th, 2014

Hello viewers. For those who don't know, I started a story based off JDPrime22's Transformer stories Transformers: Return of the Dark Spark. Unfortunately, I will be hanging out with my family in New Jersey so I won't be able to write more of my story til I get back. True I did get a new phone yesterday, It doesn't come with Word and it's too embarrassing to show my cousin who lives in New Jersey.

I will try to fit in another chapter later today.

Until then, see ya'll soon!

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Thanks a ton for the fav on the Avengers: Infinity War crossover! Be sure to leave a like if you enjoyed the story, it helps a lot! :rainbowkiss:

Please do more dark spark!!!

If you are interested in reading a TF fic wit the RID bots, I think I have something for ya. Its not done, but it does have some RID characters as our main stars.


2314493 huh, i need to finish that show...

2314448 Transformers Prime. The Predacons Darksteel and Skylynx.

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