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For the record, I don’t think there should be a MLP/RE crossover.

MLP is too child-friendly. I don’t want it to look like something similar to Happy Tree Friends. Though I guess that won’t stop most writers on this site.

I also liked both 7 and Village. I liked 7 for its atmosphere and I like Village for its creativity and lore.

Maybe if the Resistance wants, they could call Heisenberg for a couple of Soldats on loan eh?


I was more easily scared back then. I also didn't really understand what the series was about. When I watched the movie, I thought it was about zombies and was confused when he was shooting what seemed like regular people and later monsters in RE4. Seeing him get killed by Dr. Salvador's chainsaw did not help matters.

I have tried them. I think they're both really good, though I think I kind of like 7 more than Village.

Funny. RE4 was where it started for me, then RE7. I asked because back in October you changed your profile picture, and it wasn’t until after I played RE Village that I recognized its origins. Good to know.

Also, I have the remake of RE2. It’s real fun.

Have you played RE7 and Village?


Yes. I wasn't really into it when my older brother made me watch the first RE movie and got RE4 for the Gamecube, but I really got into it when I decided to give the RE2 remake a try.

Are you, by any chance, a fan of Resident Evil?

  • Viewing 176 - 180 of 180
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I'm Getting So Tired of This · 1:46am June 6th

I just don't know what else to say right now. At this point in time, having an account feels more like something that I'm obligated to keep up to date than something I can enjoy and step away from for a while if need be. Am I supposed to have nothing else to do in my day than write? I don't like making this seem like an archive, but this is just a hobby for me. I can't balance everything as easily as I wish I could. Writing feels more like a burden these days, and I don't enjoy being randomly

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