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New short story! · 12:00am Mar 5th, 2013

We have a new short story coming out soon. It is Darkfire Universe: Memories, and will fill in some things from Darkfire's past that will not be fully explained in Double Darkfire or the planned prequel, 'Arrival'.

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353184 lol! It must be cool to work as a team rather than be stuck writing on your own. I always have to check my word count and scream at my iPad "two thousand words! I do NOT approve!". I wish I had your brains for plot, or you had my bonafide typing endurance. :moustache:

Correct. However, I, Shadow, monitor the site and talk to other users.


353154 Lol, so you are a herd, not an individual?

I alrwady knew, it is my new favorite now, but I still haven't changed my description. Also, we have several members of brony brofist now, though I type up and monitor the stories.

Acoustimandobrony released their second song in their mane six playlist. It's the Fluttershy equivalent of Loyalty, called Kindness. :pinkiehappy: I don't know what they'll call Twilight's...Magic?

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