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Chapter 17

Hi I'm Chapter 17 and everything I touch inevitably turns grimdark! :D

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God I only post positive things when drunk don't I? · 10:54pm October 14th

Alrighty then looking back at my blogs here the only time I've posted positive things it's been when I'm drunk and I haven't posted anything in over two years now. I think the next blog I make will be delayed until I have SOMETHING to post, so next time you all hear from me it'll be when I have something of merit to bring to the table. See you then.

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Harrazz Then I take it the fun will be doubled?

If you mean "are we getting more stuff faster" then yes that is my hope, that I can do that for all of you.
If you mean "are we getting more stuff at all" then DOUBLE YES I have no intention of stopping, the only thing I trip over is getting that stuff written and out the door in a timely manner, but the stuff IS coming. :)

Were getting more?

2206262 I'm so disappointed in you… but, it was good.

~ Chapter: 13

There was a pun joke and a dark joke. I CHOOSE PUN.

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