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Updates!? · 3:49am Apr 27th, 2015

That's right I'm still alive

As I mentioned in my previous blog entry a few months ago I moved, and I chose the islander life, the problem was we didn't have internet for a while, and I was working two jobs, and then I got a sweet deal with the local newspaper as an intern reporter, and then I worked in a government office.

So I was super busy, and while I do have internet back, things aren't going to resume this month or even next month

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It has a good premise, and while I don't much care for rarity and spike *frankly I think they would make a terrible couple* Time travel, and discord as well as past traumas are enough to make me read it. ^_^

Thanks for the fav for How he truly feels.

Definitely going to give this a try
ALLONSY :twilightsheepish:

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