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So I'm sorta, kinda, almost famous... I think.


Am... I Dead? · 7:47am Feb 20th, 2014

Answer: Eh, maybe.

Okay, so yeah, I know I said I was going to start updating... boy did I fuck that up. Like seriously, for all we know Half-Life 3 could come out before I update any of my stories. So let me tell you the status' of my stories:
Noble Wolves and Shy Butterflies: Personally, currently it's the favorite of my stories and I'm still trying to write that.

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Report Redwolf15 · 907 views · Story: Tower of Pimps!! ·

Tales Of Such Explosive *inhale* AAAAAAADVVVENTUUUUURES!

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Damn he hasn’t been on in that long!?

5 years since the last comment... Christ... 4 years since your last log in... Whatever you are doing, where ever you are now, just know that your stories are some of the best i've ever read and I hope you are doing well.

Das pretty cool! Wat?! Ya wanna fight' bout it?! :flutterrage:
Lets make out...

859258Yeah bro, already knew about that. Pretty bitchin'.

Yo! Faggot. What's up? You good? Good.
Now watch This Video. Surprised? I know I am.
(I used to be MindFcuk in Aisles)

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