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A group dedicated to boss writing in which this group of bronies pump out some pimpen stories niggas

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Its official, Tosh.O is the best damn show in the world, and I dont care if Web Soup came first Tosh is way funnier

Hey just a heads up, I'm going to be out of contact from next thursday to next sunday.My ROTC unit is going to a competition so I won't be able to contact yall. If I can do anything before then, let me know and I'll do it.

I know it seems that I'm on a lot but that's because it's the weekend during the weekdays I won't be able to get on squat

Alright you ponies, listen up! I'm supposed to relay the prologue (or at least I think it is) that Bronie had thought up. Since copy and paste on my phone is being silly, here's the short version:

Discord and his "Earth" counterpart Chaos did something and messed up the dimensions. As for what they did...that's up to us to figure out ^^

Guys i have a solution ill still be on HIGHLY irregularly so if somebody else does the prologue and if Pinkies part is the sixth part in the cycle of characters i can still do the story! :) but i will be pretty useless for questions so youll have to talk to eachother alot more

298736I don't know, let's try. Also, if you're in charge, do you have any idea as to who's going to be our sixth seeing as though Bronie can't do it? Because if you don't I might know someone, and before anyone get's their hopes up don't expect him to say yes, sometimes he's got things to do, other times he doesn't have the time.

Also, perhaps we should move our discussions to a forum or something so that way we'll get notifications when someone comments (or does it even work that way?)

Wait wait wait, hold on. I'm in charge? That could be a bad idea...maybe we should take a vote or something?

And Bronie, I'm sorry to hear that you won't be able to help out anymore, especially since you're the one who brought us all together v.v

Finally, I wanted to know about Redwolf. How's it looking for them to wanna pitch in?

Thank god kristals has free wifi (for those of you that dont know what that is its basically white castle) since i don't know when my story will be approved and i dont know if ill be on when it is this link will take you to a story i wrote through my account please dont screw with my settings
Click here

Holy... Bronie i'm sorry man. It's sad to hear but some things are innevetable. Still, we do need a new Pinkie...

Actually I just might know someone.

So anyone know someone else who can fill in for Bronieman for the story?

Since he seemed to be the one i could contact the most im putting Nightroad in as center of communications and 'in charge'

Ill check on this everytime i score free wifi

Goodbye ive gone broke and can no longer pay for internet. You'll need to find a new Pinkie Pie BUT DO NOT GIVE UP ON THE STORY.

I would like to point out your confusion as i said in the original pitch the worlds are being connected by multiple portals which will allow movement back and forth between worlds.

Happy New years everypony from your friend Retributrr! I just wanted to check up on everypony and wish you all a happy new years! How's everypony's story going btw?

297736 Crap I thought it was taking place in equestria since it would be very difficult for our charachters to meet up if they're spread throughout the real world.

Calling it first, Merry Christmas/Hearts Warming guys!

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