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Fluttershy is a simple, shy pony. She doesn't know how to interact socially well with other ponies except her friends who have known her for years. One day as she strolls though the forest next to her cottage, she finds an unfamiliar white wolf passed out. Strange to her seeing as though she's only ever seen timberwolves, one with fur is a bit of a shock to her. Even knowing that creatures like wolves find ponies to be prey, her affection for animals overrides basic instinct and she helps the wolf back to her cottage where she nurses it back to health. When it awakes, she's shocked by it once again as it appears to be able to speak. As thanks for the treatment, the wolf claims that his life is now indebted to hers, a payment for the kindness she gave him. But as time goes on, she finds more interest in her new friend, and but what does he feel for her?

Edited by the great Thardoc

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 36 )

Can't wait for more:pinkiehappy:

I have faith in this story. Its gonna be big.

I need more of this stuff.

I do believe... you've got me hooked. I'll be plugging this story soon in one of my next journals. It legit needs more exposure.

I'm already calling on the rest of the main six to get involved in Wind's quest.

Its slutteryshy, Sluttershy the slut, Sluttersh- oh uhm.... Hello fluttershy..... :fluttershysad:

I'll totally read when I have the time. :ajsmug:

Finally! Someone with an original idea! Have a like, fav and a squiggly.


First of all
Who wouldnt be scared by that pink furry madness?

And second,
I like this thing you got going on here!

3163501aww man, i cant do squigglys...:fluttercry:

Fluttershy/wolf?....That's really interesting. Nice to see some originality and a new sapient creature used. (He seems to be written alright so far. Keep it up.)

I always cringe when someone brings their wolf OC's into a story and then proceed to make them as tame as a butterfly.

Wolves are wild animals for crying out loud.

3166732Right, because something like flamboyant horses with wings or a horn that can use magic and talk English ISN'T considered weird.

I'm just gonna leave a few criticisms here:

-There are some tense shifts that need to corrected. Try to stay in the past tense, it doesn't feel as weird as present.

-Wind's speech is really stilted. I don't know if that's on purpose, but it makes him feel like a dull character. As it stands, I don't really know what his personality is aside from he's... nice?

-"it was dangers whether you’re with others or by yourself"

-"And Zecora his lifestyle is different than what we’re used to."
Zecora wasn't in the scene, I think. I certainly don't remember her there, but I might be wrong.

-"Then I suppose that would explain for the foul taste it left in my mouth"
"Explain for" is really awkward. Drop the "for".

Anyway, I can't say I enjoyed the fic 'cause I really didn't. But you seem to have a lot of people who like it, so I won't rain on your parade further. I just wanted to point some stuff out that stuck out when I read it.

Happy writing!

It's not that it's weird, wrong or bad.... Just the personality is out of place. I would say "out of character" but that's just being cynical considering I know nothing about the character himself, which is not the issue...
Ponies are friendly herd animals, easily tamed. Wolves are voracious aggressive and highly territorial and near impossible to tame, even when raised from birth by hand, they are extremely volatile and unpredictable.

Your OC is just too friendly to be a wolf, so his character feels is out of place. But that's just my opinion.

ugh, put a wolf in a story and Im hooked. why brain? where is the logic?!

but I digress, this sounds very interesting and new. I will gladly favorite and like this story:pinkiesmile:

... I feel it's rushed. There could be a little more detail. :applejackunsure:

Again, rushed,
and keep your tenses straight please.

hmmmm....interesting story. ill be watching this one :moustache:

Wolf+pony+honor+(blue eyes)*original-clop+Fluttershy/comedy-(pinkie+reality)+reader{me}-time_to_read-power=great fic

Ya, I did the math...

This is a great story idea and is very original from what Ive seen. However, this story is far to rushed. There needs to be something symbolizing time lapses because I became very confused when Fluttershy told the wolf about going to the spa and then, suddenly, the wolf makes a comment of how the residents are cowering from him and i originally thought he was talking about the animals in Shy's house until Shy mentions the ponies in Ponyville. This type of thing happened multiple times and, even though the story has an amazing idea, it is preventing me from wanting to read anymore of this. I wish you and your story luck, but I will not be reading this one.

What ever happened to this story? I liked it.

3691525 I like it too, I even enjoy writing it and am currently trying to get back into writing stories. But unfortunately I'm no longer as excited or as energetic when I first started writing. I literally just logged on to this site after three or four weeks of staying away. And what's sadder is that maybe two months ago I said I'd start writing again. I've gotten no where since I said that! But I don't want to disappoint anyone... well it may be too late for that, but I'm really going to try and start writing again.

I still hope there will be someday a new chapter. :pinkiehappy:

That was a good story is was. Nice

3748033 its never too late to keep going :)


put a wolf in a story and Im hooked. why brain? where is the logic?!

*grasps your shoulders and stares into your eyes* YOU ARE MY CLONE!!!

You know guys, I accidentally spelt her name Sluttershy before I corrected it.
That would've been a no-no.

Also, squiglys, squiglys EVERYWHERE


>walks into room
>sees two versions of myself staring at eachother
>slowly backs away

*chanting* up-DATE! up-DATE! up-DATE!

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