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Hello and welcome fans of George R.R. Martin's most popular book series and best TV show ever to A Game of Thrones Fans! This is the group where we can talk about how much we hate Joffrey and how awesome Tyrion is, so came along and join our group.
Also, here's a little song for us; just don't play it at my wedding!

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Ruby if you're having a wedding maybe the band should play, The Rains Of Castamere, you know it was played at Edmure Tully's wedding feast

Risk is a fun game and Game of Thrones is a great risk game my brothers and I play it alot

384842 hey my avatar is in there

367795 Its good to see you here Akashic Brony :twilightsmile:

367575 this picture is awesome but where is Cat

If i have the time i shall put time and work into a nice my little pony game of thrones series first need a artist.:ajbemused::ajbemused:

362235 I would love to see a crossover story we got one story but I am very shocked that there is not that many crossovers knowing how popular A Game of Thrones is.

I think the reason GoT/ASoIaF crossovers with MLP: FiM are so rare is because of the fact that no character is safe. Maybe fanfic writers don't wanna kill their favorite weddings. :twilightsheepish:

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