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I'm not new to writing MLP fan fiction or fan fiction in general. I like to do crossovers among other things.


I'm not new to writing MLP fan fiction or fan fiction in general. I am into music and I'm a musician myself.


My Little Clone Wars Sequel and Code: Sunset Update · 5:43am Jul 15th, 2022

Code: Sunset

I just want to say that I have not forgotten about Code: Sunset. I have pretty much the final chapter complete, but I haven't decided on the ending.

My Little Clone Wars

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Finished Stories:

My Little Clone Wars

Ahsoka, Anakin, Obi-Wan and Captain Rex crash-land on a world populated by ponies.

Poetry is Magic: A Collection of Pony Poems

A collection of poems based on a variety different topics from characters to events in the series.

Currently Writing:

The Tempest in the Force

The My Little Clone Wars sequel.

Code: Sunset

Code Lyoko/Equestria Girls crossover.

Upcoming Stories:

I have plans, but I'm not revealing them yet


A Nation Divided: Luna's Rebellion (On Fanfiction.net only)

Princess Luna starts a rebellion: the New Lunar Republic and the Equestrian Civil War against her sister.

Luna's Secret

Luna has a secret that no pony knows about except her sister, Princess Celestia. So what happens when she shares that secret with somepony.

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Hope you enjoy my various Works

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