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This group is for all mlp lovers! Here stories can be about anything. You may feel free to express your opinion and comment, just nothing that goes against the rules.

The Rules

1. Be kind to others. This group is for helping other authors, reading, and loving MLP, not hurt others.

2. Do not post links to Mature rated stories in forum post or group comments. Some group members don't want to read mature stories while others do. This rule will be enforced, so just don't do it.

3. Don't hate on stories or others. If you are going to leave a negative comment, explain your reasoning or don't do it at all. This is so you can help other group members with their stories or other things while not insulting them.


There are stories for each category (Adventure, Romance, Comedy, etc.) and one for each member of the main six: Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkle.

Bronies for Life Theme Song

Thank you for joining Bronies for Life!

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Yes it is still a thing and it's still going.

Is the brony fandom still a thing?

Thank you for adding my story A Mysterious Explosion - a Wonderbolt Fanfiction to this group. I am eternally grateful:twilightsmile:.

Comment posted by MaggotKing556 deleted Dec 12th, 2015

401107 Same here. Brony for life!

I joined this group because, having traveled down a long and often difficult road filled with decisions and choices I can't imagine myself ever not being a Brony anymore.

Hey Limelight i have a story but I 'm not sure if ه should be publish it or not to publish I would like to take your advice and thank you :fluttercry:

Hello, I am rather new here.
I feel bad for lime since she is the only pony so far who had anything to say about my fanfic and was (is) my only follower.
But I also feel torn because of what she did. I don't know if I can take her seriously or not.
Most of you probably know her better, so please tell me how she is as a person, so I can sort that out.
Also, I would like some feedback on my work, since I am new to fanfic Writing.

Happy to be here.

Your Swedish brony


391768 This is serious offences on any and all artistic site.

It is sad to hear of it, but once someone is found out, the response hs to be firm and decisive. Anything less means we can't have good stories, who would post them if you know others are taking them?

391889 Already did. And I am occupied with drawing something (well, coloring, to be more accurate.)

391885 Well I'm in the year of the bull, thus I'm a damn. Now go take a long look in the mirror at that bitch

Woah there! You can't just go around yelling Berry at people like that! You seem really upset!
Maybe you should calm down.


Oh, now we're resorting to petty insults? Sorry, gonna take a lot more to work me up. And thanks for calling me a female dog, you made me blush. (I am a she, and was born in the Chinese Zodiac year of the dog, which is essentially a bitch.)

391882 Can you manipulate every damn thing to your liking, like the strings of a puppet? No, you cannot; you only have control of a very limited field around these parts. Can you complain about them, as you are now? Nobody's stopping you. Is everyone who has access to the webs and computers gonna listen to you? Only a select handful of about 7 billion and growing people on this planet.

In short, man up and walk away to let this die faster. Otherwise, it'll go at the speed of a snail with Dial-up connection.

391881 It better soon.

391880 The first bit is true. The second bit, she can't do much about. It'll die on its own, eventually.

391878 Well, I obviously see things differently than you. I know her and she just wants the whole thing to blow over.

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