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I love My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls. I thought i wasn't a brony but i am and i love it. Brohoof? /)


FlutterDash · 7:06am Jul 31st, 2016

Are there more FlutterDash stories like "I Don't Want To Sleep Alone" where Fluttershy protects or comforts Rainbow? I love the idea of role reversals with them and would love more suggestions.

Thanks everypony your fellow brony Maggot

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Some Favorites of mine

  • How to Preen Your Chicken After a long day of flight practice with Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash teaches the filly a little about preening. by Drakkith 2,804 words · 31,304 views · 3,531 likes · 53 dislikes
  • Carol of the Belles On Hearth's Warming Eve, Sweetie Belle comes across a lonely Sugar Belle and invites her caroling, where the two Belles confide in one another about life and cutie marks. by Quillamore 3,467 words · 562 views · 50 likes · 0 dislikes
  • And It Rained All Night Scootaloo has considered Rainbow Dash to be her big sister for years. But on one night particular, she decides to let her in on an embarrassing, if not endearing, secret. by Vertigo-01 2,938 words · 3,551 views · 170 likes · 5 dislikes
  • I'm a pegasus After a day full of excitement with Rainbow, Scootaloo has a nervous breakdown as she is reminded yet again of what she can never have. It's up to Rainbow to remind the little filly how strong and awesome she really is. by Karach 3,318 words · 814 views · 40 likes · 0 dislikes
  • Mother's Day She hatched him. She raised him. When Twilight invites her parents to the castle on Mother's Day, she expects to please her mother, and give her a thanks for all she's done. And little does she know... she deserves one too. by MajesticPoniesEverywhere 2,050 words · 8,141 views · 550 likes · 23 dislikes
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2490328 oh ok then you might want to say that cause I thought it was an error. Anyway loved the story but I was sad cause Dashie got hurt.

Thank you kindly for the follow and feedback. :twilightsmile:

It took me a moment to see what you were referring to. When I say Rainbow Dash "gaped", it means her mouth was hanging open. Like, agape. Hope that clears it up. :derpytongue2:

2334352 Agreed.

Personally, Fluttershy is my 2nd favourite/best. Mostly due to the FlutterDash shipping, mostly due to the fact that I actually share some similarities with her (shyness, timid, stuff like that).

2333826 Dashie is best pony/Equestria Girl.

Brohoof? /)

You know it pal!

(\:rainbowwild: BROHOOF!!!

Rainbow Dash is also my favourite. So I guess that we share something in common.

2192094 Sooooo mine is Dashie cause she's my all time favorite pony/Equestria Girl and sometimes I like her too much?:twilightblush::twilightsheepish:

2255018 brohoof back at ya (\

2251988 Cause i loved Carol of the Belles and decided to follow you and read some other stories you write

Thanks for the watch! What's the occasion?

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