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I’m cuckoo for Coco Pommel!


"Once a Belle finds another Belle, it’s a promise for good.”

Sugar Belle goes to Ponyville for Hearth's Warming, even knowing Pinkie isn't there. She's unsure of her place in the new town or even in life until young Sweetie Belle find her sitting on a bench in the snow and interrupts her thoughts...

Inspired by a pun-filled conversation with FamousLastWords. Art by MrsRemi.

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Ima read this as soon as I get home.


Thanks. Hope you enjoy!

Just a couple things I noticed that may help you a bit.

“Well, for one, there’s that.”

Sugar merely pointed to her companion’s cutie mark.

This was a tad off when reading. I feel it could've been better written like "Well, for one, there's that," Sugar said, pointing at the filly's cutie mark.

Also, you tend to use the word "merely" a bit overmuch. Not a huge deal, but merely a bit awkward at times. (U C wat i did there)

I'll message you a couple other stuffs. Great work, overall! I can always count on you for a daily dose of cute.


New edit: now with only one "merely." Which is odd that I use it that much, because years ago, I had the same issue with the word "truly." I guess I just cycle through certain adverbs without realizing it?

6761606 Gotta agree, this story is pretty damn awesome. Thanks for showing it to me!


Glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

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I always wondered how it would be like when Sweetie Belle and Sugar Belle met with each other. Glad to see that it was a heartwarming experience for Sugar Belle to meet Sweetie Belle and get to know each other during Hearth's Warming Eve. :heart: :twilightsmile:


Glad you enjoyed it. I've been thinking about the two of them meeting for a while, too.

T was a nice hearthswarming story. I liked it.

Nice. Definitely captures the mood of the holiday.


Glad I was able to do that.

What a sweet story. I'd love to see just a quick little one shot follow up to how Sugar is adjusting in Ponyville.


She isn't staying there. But maybe I'll do one of her coming back.

Am I the only one that will google a ponies name to see what they look like if I don't recognize the name? I've only been a brony for a few months

That was a great story. I'm glad it turned out how it did. Really great job :pinkiehappy:

Just ran across a pic of Pinkie saying "P-please....smile" as she hugged Sugar Belle and it got me right in the feels cause I just heard the Smile Song before I read this story.


Thanks for all the comments and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, all the ponies can be hard to keep straight.

This was so good it deserves a reread and about a billion more upvotes :rainbowkiss:


Oh wow, glad you feel that way! :twilightblush:

Yup. Still :heart::heart: this story

You know, in my Equestria language, these two have the exact same name...

...quite certain why a commune built on equality...

you mean "community" instead of "commune"?

Yet for some reason or another,...

you could use a comma after the "Yet"

...but then again, it wasn’t like she expected...

comma after "but"
found some more instances of things like the previous two every now and then but they really didn't take away from the story. just things i saw, you know.

you know, I'm really sad that I didn't read this earlier. been seating in my read later collection for days. anyway, this was an enjoyable read. the whole premise leading towards a pun at the end would have been seen as dumb if it wasn't for the fact that this whole story started out as a pun-shaped idea. that fact alone is an amazing feat.


Thanks for the feedback. Hope you enjoy the other stories.

Also, a "commune" is a local organization of shared interests (like "community"), but it tends to be associated with more political causes (like hippies or socialists). While I can (and did) write an entire college-level essay on how Starlight's intentions were neither perfectly Communist nor anti-Communist (which was fun as heck, by the way), this is the association a lot of people get from her, so I thought "commune" had the right vibe to it.

Fun word lesson over.

7476224 not going to lie, I am curious about this essay of yours. how well did you do?


Pretty well. The prompt was just to critically analyze pop culture, and the Communist stuff had come up so often in the fandom that I wanted to see if it held up to research.

7476317 .....okay, now I want to read this.


I can PM it to you.

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