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A side story to If You Give a Little Love.

Diamond Tiara asked for more independence, and she got it. Left out on the streets of Manehattan while her mother spends the week with her new mogul coltfriend, she needs to find shelter, and fast. Thankfully for her, she knows just where to go--to the filly she could never really bring herself to hate.

Takes place alongside If You Give a Little Love, but knowledge of it is not required to understand this story and plot details from the other that come into play will be thoroughly explained. Art by handsockz.

Chapters (14)
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It's on my Author's Note. Basically, it's there to represent both the literal, big city connotation of the word and how Diamond Tiara's "light" (the light of her cutie mark, etc) was drowned out by other things.

Very nicely done. Hopefully, this plot thread will appear in a future episode, too. Marvellous work. :twilightsmile:


Thank you. I was half-expecting you to go harder on it, considering I'm kind of getting into your territory and all. :twilightsmile:

7472668 Oh, I dare say I'll write about this very subject one day. Obviously, I'll handle it differently though... no copyright strikes for moi... :scootangel:

And what is exactly stopping Diamond Tiara from getting on a train back to Ponyville and letting one of the nations ruling Princesses know that her mother abandoned her in the middle of Manehatten and to just wait and see if any reports of missing foals matching her description show up before the week they were gonna be there is over?


I hate to say it, but I hadn't really thought about that. Most likely, it was probably panic. It's easy for people removed from the situation to form a plan like this, but in the heat of desperation and fear, reasoning like this can go out the door.

Or we could just say "it's fluff for fluff's sake, don't question it." But that'd just be silly. No one says stuff like that. :rainbowwild:

P.S. Thanks for bringing up the "missing pony" thing. Could be a good plot piece.

Since Spoiled Bitch abandoned her in the middle of the City she has no reason at all to even report such a thing until she is ready to leave and needs Diamond found from the sounds of the story description alone.


Good point. I'm glad we're having this discussion, it could enrich the story.

Even though Spoiled Bitch basically abandoned DT in Manehatten, she's taking this well so far. I didn't realize that blackjack and twenty one were the same game until I played Fallout New Vegas. Also, I agree with Babs that it's not gambling if money isn't involved.


Thanks for the comments. This chapter comes from me being a bit weirded out by how Las Pegasus seemed to be a huge arcade in canon, which (while awesome) seemed a bit off without card games. Cards can have plenty of non-gambling purposes.

And I feel like part of her taking it so well is a coping mechanism, really. Living with a family who treats her well and pretending to be okay is a lot easier than remembering how she's treated back home.

7622720 Are you sure Los Pegasus is basically an arcade? Seems to me that it has aspects of LA and Vegas in fanon.


It was how I saw it in canon. It was just something I saw as weird.

7622854 Maybe they made LP an arcade because they couldn't show casinos to kids?


I get that. But all I'm saying is what you said before about gambling. I didn't mean for this to be an argument, just a thing I noticed during the episode. Sorry.

7622877 That's okay. I wasn't trying to argue either.


Then it's resolved. I was worried I was getting too mad at you. Sorry for the outburst.

I can hardly wait to see this come back to haunt Spoiled Rich.

Song is blocked... What is the name of it?


"Diamond Princess no Yuutsu." It doesn't really have anything to do with the chapter (it's from an anime I like) except that the translated name, "The Diamond Princess's Melancholy" screams Diamond Tiara to me.

I look forward to seeing those answers.


Thanks for the comment! As much as this is a companion story to IYGALL, it's cool to see people going in blind. It's a bit more of a mystery if you read it like that. :twilightsmile:

Honestly, unless this fic has Spoiled Rich go through SERIOUS character development, I hope DT gets adopted by Coco.

Oooh, this is gonna be good! Spoiled's about to learn the hard way that karma's a bitch.

I kinda want to see a few epilogues, specifically concerning Spoiler Milk, Mosley Orange, Coco and Babs, and how this little event would affect relations between the Oranges and the Apples.


I may just have to write some of the epilogues with the Rich family. However, since this story takes place during a part of If You Give a Little Love, more stuff about Mosely and Apple/Orange relations comes in starting in Act III.

My apologies for the shameless(?) plug.

Well, I finally got around to reading it.
And this was the perfect ending to the fic.


Glad to see you enjoyed it! Spoiled Rich getting arrested was actually my BF's idea--I was about to have her just live in shame with a ruined reputation as a punishment (specifically, her writing a memoir about "dating a child abuser" only for it to bomb immensely), but when I explained the plot to him, he asked why the police hadn't gotten involved already. It was a last-minute change, but it seems to have worked just fine.

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