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Hi I'm Hollyfern! Aspiring doctor that tries his hoof at fanfics. I Would very much like feedback! I typically can and will write about my darling filly Silver Spoon!


The aftermath of Silver Spoon's words bore into Diamond Tiaras mind. Used to shunning everypony, now Diamond Tiara has to start over and make friends in Manehattan. Criticism welcome here~

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And here begins another epic tale.
Don't ask what I'm doing here again; just lurking.

nah nah nah. My shit is simple; and my english is somewhat better than last. I found that I'm probably ADD which is a slap in the face to a writer. But great story.
ahem... still random.:twilightblush:

419632 Thats good to hear! :pinkiehappy: the random bit anyway. ADD CAN in theroy work to ones advantage.

In my current line of fics: no (except Conflicting Emotions)
But I think I left some halfway finished chapters for other stories, I don't even remember its been TWO MONTHS MAN!!

419650 Its still ince to hear from you~ which reminds me i better make a quick blog...

You do that then.
I'll get crackin' on readin' over stuff. :pinkiecrazy:

So Screwball is coming off as autistic, rather than Discord's last gag. I'm a little surprised they're taking her so well in stride (Tiara, at least). Her madness could be so disasterous to the reputation of a socialite busybody that I'd almost expect DT to treat Screwball like a four headed toad from from Chernobyl.

And I have many unfinished projects....

419710 In good time, if it isnt obvious by now. :3
419703 Hahaha! Been expecting this, eh?

Oh whoopty doo! Another EqD bound fic! Goody!

419755 thanks for the vote of confidence! *hugs*

419718 I don't know how I could put this so I think I'm gonna let Big Macintosh answer for me. Big Mac?

:eeyup:: eeyup


In all honesty, I wasn't so much EXPECTING IT, as I was HOPING.


419774 Well....even so. Sarcasm or not. I do appreciate it~

419777 Hahah! Well, here goes then! this is gonna be a ride~


Well someone's bitter. EQD's a shithole with biased, subjective and dickish pre-readers. So they didn't like your story, therefore nobody else will. That is literally their thought process. So they didn't like your story. It's high time you deal with it and move on.

Pity the only other thing we've got is circlejerking here on FIMFiction.

So Fleur-di-Lis is Tiara's mother, so she's half unicorn? I'm guessing, based on the comments, that Screwball's propeller beanie is what lets her fly like that.

I was surprised by who you included into Diamond Tiara's family and I'm looking forwards to more of this, but I do hope that you can finish Beyond the Classroom too.

420134 I'm not tellin~ while i was out the spark i had for doing it kind of faded, ill find it again because I did like what I as doing with it.

I can understand, that's why I haven't updated my story Alicorn Gundam in months.

Before I start reading:

Your description. It's spelled "criticism".


Hmm, interesting start. Also, woo Screwball!

420561 I hate that she nor Filthy Rich have a character option when picking who gonna be in your story. :/ I mean Fleus didnt even have many lines and she got one!

Razzly? "FAIRY" Good? Green Socks? Dudew, I'm gonna guess you play the Chrono Series....or at least Chrono Cross. If you don't know what I'm talking about, This is Razzly and her Bio.


432282 XD bingo~ Find Derpy! She owes you a muffin!

Taht last line got me confused, but I'll wait to see how this plays out.

Yay! Razzly's back!

.....Hmmm.....I wonder if Rosetta is gonna make an appearance.....Nah! Probably not.

Love this story so far.


Sorry for the delay y'all! I'm getting the hang of editing thanks to my great friends, so this update came a little later than expected! :twilightsheepish:

I'll be right up front with you Holly, I'm not as enthusiatic about this story as I have been about your other ones. Now I still like this story but in all honesty my level of investment is minimal. I enjoyed the fleshing out of Tiara's classmates and Tiara's own character development but despite that I'd rather be reading more of "beyond the classroom" or whatever other stories you have planned for Silver Spoon and the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

I do like this story but I feel I need to be honest.

477806 Thanks either way! :pinkiehappy: Trust and believe I appreciate your honesty. :pinkiesmile: I'll still be updating that one, but I'm not sure how good it will be trying to manage updates on two stories.

Please ship Dazzler aka Screwball with Cotton Cloud in a future fanfic.

And I know their pain. I was pulled out of my horribly mean LA teacher's class as I was having frequent panic attacks because of her. She often singled me out for negative attention and didn't grade me fairly.:fluttershysad::fluttershyouch::fluttercry:

Cancelled?? Can you please explain? Thanks!

691159i just didn't feel like it was going anywhere. that and a lack of response to it.

Canceled, eh? It's a shame, but then again, this makes my story one of, if not the only Diamond Tiara first-person stories! *laughs maniacally* Nah, but in all seriousness, best of luck with your future endeavors, and I'm sorry you had to let this story bite the dust. Speaking of, I need to update my story too, lol. :twilightsmile:

aaaaaww i was liking this!

“It’s my own fault...

Diamond Tiara saying THOSE FOUR WORDS?!

What happened to make her drop her image that she could never be at fault for ANY of the negatives in her lives.

Not a bad read. At first I thought that Silver Spoon was the one who moved away. It took me until the second chapter to realize it was the other way around. If nothing else, this story certainly sliced life. I imagine Screwball had a bigger role somewhere down the line considering the foreshadowing, as did Cotton Clouds. Then again, Mr. Oak's character could have gone anywhere.

I was personally intrigued by the way you went about Diamond not fitting in at this Reins private school. She faced several waves of teasing and alienation, but it didn't shoot down her self-esteem and become a serious issue like it probably would if this story were about Sweetie Belle or Twist. Instead, the mockery had almost the opposite effect, driving her forward to show them why they were wrong. It was a much more refreshing take on the New Student approach if you ask me.

I'd say this story is a cupcake with a lot of frosting and a dill pickle on top; although, I chose to take the pickle off and enjoy it on its own. Normally, I can't handle too much frosting at once, but I used the pickle to scrape some of it off. Tasty story for what it is, and I'd like to congratulate your effort on the creation.

Furthermore, now whenever someone questions me, I'll just spell at them. Apparently, it's very intimidating.

I honestly had no idea you'd written a side story to Moving On that dealt with her moving away. I always wished to have seen more of her side of the story half way through Moving On. If only to see how Diamond was doing.

God, such an old story and one I'm happy to have discovered.

Tell me, if you'd like, what was your original intent with this story? Was Diamond going to go on through the rigors of this new private School, trying to replicate her successes from Ponyville? Would she go on to dredge through the teasing and mocking elites and yet, eventually, move on to a more public School when things got too much be it through just missing being around more normal ponies so she at least felt unique among them?

I see Babs was supposed to be in this, I'll likely read this over the weekend but just knowing it won't continue is a big turn off. Sadly when writing about Diamond Tiara most just assume its promoting bullism if she's ever seen in any form of a good light or Celestia forbid anyone trot a mile in her hoofsies. But was she going to meet up with her former friend in a Public School setting or did Babs go to a private school as well?

Analysing and trying to understand Diamond's character can lead to many fun ways to tell a story. Which from what comments I see seem to indicate you have a small following for, or had. Sadly without conflict and direction, knowing where your Moving On ends, it'd be nice to see how she got there. I'm sure anyone who recalls Silvy's wish would like to know as well.

I only wish I had discovered this story sooner, it certainly had the potential to be amazing for Babs and Diamond. Nice to see you're still writing new stories however.

But yes, if you would like, how would this story have gone in your mind? How would it have ended? If you ever wish to discuss characterizations I'm sure you'd get a lot of feedback on the Diamond Cutters forums.

Happy Holidays to you old buddy!
Best of luck in your endeavors :twilightsmile:

3587433 Oh, I do plan on finishing this, believe in that. I just hadn't had the time for my dear two filles as of late. Though, a chapter is in the works for Silver Spoon as well as this one. As far as direction, I wouldn't mind filling you in via messages.

3588035 I certainly wouldn't mind hearing them or bouncing ideas. I'll be looking forward to it.

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