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I’m cuckoo for Coco Pommel!


Ever since her loss in the first round of the Friendship Games, Suri Polomare's life has been in freefall. The harsher students blame Canterlot High's edge on her, the reformed students see her as part of the problem, and not even her ex-best friend Upper Crust is willing to talk to her. On top of that, if she doesn't get her grade up in language arts, she'll be expelled from Crystal Prep's fashion program, but it's there that she meets her saving grace. A student desperate to make friends, who gets high marks in language arts and who--more importantly--is too new to know how low Suri is willing to go.

Who says it always has to be everyone for themselves, after all, when it's just as easy to take advantage of people like Coco?

Rated T for "authentic rebellious teen-speak." Art by uotapo.

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Looks fun! Tossed on the pile :)


This was a good read, especially for someone who too often had his friends in high school ask for help on their finals or tests. I'll admit right here and now that I single-handedly helped my friend Austin pass 12th grade so he could keep playing baseball in college :P


I'm glad you liked it. I tried to make it as relatable as possible.

7204073 Obviously it never got this hilariously overblown for me, but I do recall a funny story from that year. I had given him the answers to an English test that we were allowed to help each other out on, and I got a 98 on it. He got a 100 because he randomly changed one answer so that it wouldn't be the same.


Whoa. That's harsh. :rainbowlaugh:

:rainbowlaugh: Well, I think it's safe to say Suri's learned her lesson. Thanks for the great read!


You're very welcome! I wasn't sure if the punishment was bad enough, but...I wanted to show that Cadance had gotten some trolling lessons from her aunt, too.

Suri is indeed a beautiful fool. :rainbowlaugh:

There is a beautiful irony in paraphrasing Jane Austen to open a story about a student with tanking LA grades.

Suri related to Sugar Belle. Hmm. If I have heard that before, it's been infrequent enough that I don't remember it. In any case, an interesting idea.

This was a lot of fun, and a very believable teenage human Suri. She exploits, manipulates, and steals without an ounce of shame. Of course she's going to foist her work on others, especially Coco. And her punishment was perfect. Thank you for this.


I actually came across that quote last minute and thought it'd make for a good revelatory line.


Sure is. Always taking the easy path, even since before she met Rarity...


You're very welcome. I was worried that it'd be too OOC or that I'd find some other difficulty. I also figured that this Suri would be the sort to pull a Breakfast Club trick where she doesn't actually write an apology in the apology paper. :rainbowlaugh:

My finals aren't coming up, they've already started :raritydespair:!
I demand authors on fimfiction to stop publishing all these well written stories! I swear you're all trying to sabotage me :fluttercry:.
I've got to study for my medical genetics exam I tell you :applecry:...


Sorry 'bout that. Good luck on it! You're probably way more talented in that field than I would be! :rainbowlaugh:

Nice non-mature feature, I wish I knew what it was like to get non-mature featured


I thought you'd been featured before?

7204790 In all seriousness though, this was a great story! Congrats on the feature.!

7204799 Yep, definitely deserved. Hopefully it can hit the mature box as well!



Thanks, and good luck on you guys' new story, too. I just finished reading the first chapter!

7204825 2nd chapter is so much better.


Just finished it, and I can definitely confirm that. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm doing my thesis defense in 11 hours. Why would you post this NOW? :facehoof:

Thank god my whole school is try-hards so no one questions me crying when I get a B-
Also, sweet, sweet, far too short revenge.

Suri Polomare hates Gaitsby, huh?

I knew there were more reasons to hate her.


I know, right? On top of everything else...

7206058 And Coco Pommel gets major waifu points for being a fan of the book.

I take great relief in not having dealt with finals for...eight years now? Egads I feel old.

Anyway, great story. Suri came across perfectly and I always love me some Coco cuteness. And justice is sweet. :twilightsmile:

Just finished my last final of the semester today. This was a good story, thanks.


You're welcome! Hope you did well on them!

Currently in finals, and I needed a quick break to read this story. And by "quick break," I meant about an hour to read this story because I was literally drained. Seriously, I almost passed out. Also, this story is great.


Thanks. Hope you do well!

Also in finals next week. Fun. Don't care, reading ponies.


Glad you enjoyed it!

I know what this feels like. For Coco Pommel, at least...

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