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Tender Taps was a quiet lad, always keeping to himself. But lately, it seemed as though he was avoiding people more than usual. He was always avoiding looking at the girls in the school, blushing fiercely whenever any of them so much as glanced in his direction. Most students don't know what's going on with him, but Sunset Shimmer does. So, one day, she decided to talk to him and tell him something that, perhaps, nobody else was ever going to.

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True how people act on them or what they do is what decides if they are bad or not.

Some people could try to express or control such thoughts thru private artwork, or stories, to get it out of their system.

Telaros #2 · Aug 25th, 2018 · · 16 ·

"I...I don't want to think of the girls that way! It's...it's not right! It's not...not...respectful! Not decent!"
While we have the occasional person who feels that way, this is mainly an issue with Westerners. We're the only ones who ever shame and continue to make something natural seem and feel vulgar and disgusting.

Yet when you speak of guns you have everyone up in arms, no pun intended, wanting to make sure you give a gun to every man woman and child. Not to mention the effects it has on males growing up seeing all the horrible things females do and say to males making young boys grow more distant or distrustful of women. Something males are biologically incapable of controlling, especially an erection that can happen at any time of the day, for no reason at all, even the scent of a passing female or brush of warmth across the skin, and then being called perverts and monsters for having a stiffy?

With this increasingly more toxic hate cultivating anti-male culture, and what women can do to a male without need for proof out of mere spite despite clear consequences which almost never reach them for abusing the laws against males, and yet they're the first to cry about oppression? You can't even say hi to a woman without them making you sound like some sexual deviant.

I only wish this story was just a minor issue with the Americas, but it's growing like a cancer and giving our youths a bad representation of what's normal and what's not.

Now, if a male ain't forcing themselves on you and happens to have a stiffy, don't call them a perv and demonize them. They can't control that part of them no more than you can control breathing. Some are, like women, can be more prone to being triggered down there than others. It's biology. Never feel shame for thinking lewd thoughts, rubbing one out in private over someone you like, or anything be you male or female. Especially if you're a male, it's perfectly healthy. Not to mention you'll be less agressive if you release once in a while. Males aren't meant to go without breeding for too long. That's why we humans, a rare breed, are able to mate all year round. Like rabbits.

One shouldn't be demonized for having more or less mojo than someone else. That's like hating on women with bigger breasts than you. Or getting more men than you. It's unnatural to think we have to wait for a specific day in our life to be allowed to have sex or think about sex. Short of having overly protective and demanding parents and instilling a hate for the opposite sex, or sex in general, it's pretty damn uncommon to find anyone a virgin at 18. Well, maybe not that uncommon in the Americas of today what with all the shaming and fear mongering and laws constantly changing due to extremist SJW views.

Biology? Who needs facts. Sex is evil. But depicting and promoting violence is in media is okay!

This is a lovely fimfic to read. It feels like an actual episode they would mention. Except you know for teens and young adults.

I appreciate your effort in having EQ explain this stage of puberty in a mature and respectful manner.

When it comes to sex or sexual thoughts, as long as it is consensual, safe, and no one is getting hurt, there isn't much to worry about.

Another good story. This one really respectfully tackles the subject matter here!

A nice story teaching the lesson of coming of age.

Thanks, we really needed to make this a fucking political story.

You're most fucking welcome. :twilightsmile:

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