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Sunset's has had feelings for the human world's Twilight Sparkle. She desperately wants to ask her out, the only problem is that she doesn't know how to.

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I really liked this fic. It was short, sweet, and well written. Well done.:twilightsmile:

Drat, i seem to have read these out of order. Good job, a little short for my taste but as first attempts go, well done.

Thanks! Sorry it's short though

I, who likes reading wattpad from time to time, gotta say this is good fic:twilightsmile:

And as a fellow citizen, nice job :pinkiehappy:

suuuuuper cheesy. But super cute

they are teenagers so chessy is right up their alley.

Adorable and straight to the action. Love it. :twilightsmile:

the only problem is that she doesn't know how to.

Yes, because to fix such a love problem you MUST go to Rainbow Dash and Applejack; the least lovey-covey characters in the entire show. Right, Sunset, I think you kinda messed up on this one. That song was cheesy as heck, and I doubt it would have gone past Rainbow's sap detection, and no way would Aj make you sing something so cheesy. Why in the name of everything that is right in this world did Sunset choose to go to Rainbow? And why did Rainbow decide that, yes, her best friend, Applejack, the one who knows even less about love than she does, would be the perfect person to help Sunset? It legit surprises me that SciI-Twi even said yes. Honestly, I wouldn’t, but that’s just me…

The ScieSet was cool though, it felt generic and boring, but nothing really wrong with it. I wish you actually did something with the mentions of Applejack and Rainbow, they felt like props, throw-away props at that! Like, get rid of them, and what changes? Nothing!
Any who.
That’s me ranting a little…
Decent concept, disappointing execution.

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