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So... what if instead of Twilight going to see Moondancer in Canterlot, Moondancer moved to Ponyville and was greeted by an exuberant pink party pony?

This story is very short and does not go beyond a first meeting. Moondancer's friendship issues aren't resolved here either. I thought it would be fun to see how these two characters would've interacted with one another for the first time under non-canon circumstances.

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first to comment he, he
well it seems interesting, I hope twin, find out as soon as moon, this in the city
and what will be the reaction, pinkie to know the reason that moon, does not like parties and does not trust to make friends

i hoped this was more than one chapter and from the looks of it I don't think this will contain Moondancer being angry about Twilight or something like that.

You really do these short and sweet slice of life stories well. This was a pleasant read.


Moondancer's past with Twilight was hinted at here with:

Ponyville hadn't been her first choice when it came to what she saw as a good place to live, especially considering that it was the town where Twilight Sparkle, The Princess of Friendship resided. But all things considered, Moondancer didn't have all that much of a choice.

It's just that it's a one-shot and I didn't go deep into that because it was only about her meeting Pinkie. It was just a little 'what if?' scenario. Namely, "What if Pinkie was the one who committed to becoming friends with Moondancer instead of Twilight?" :derpytongue2:

This really reads like more of a first chapter than a completed story.

I did intend it to be longer, but after I finished this, I realized that the idea I had for a longer story wouldn't really work. :applejackunsure: I'm more of a one-shot writer anyways. :derpytongue2:

I still have to read the chapter.
I think I liked the idea gain and was slightly dissapointed to only find a one-shot, not exactly your fault but it had that effect.

Okay just saying because it looks like you assumed I did.

I agree

well after I saw the tag ... complete ... I was a bit disappointed

I see that it's more Pinkie story rather than Moondancer story. As Pinkie is the one that got a problem to solve in this story.

Good one shot.

This felt more like a story that should go on for longer than it did.

I saw a lot of comments talking about it being just a one shot. It's fine just expand it by about 3 or 4k more words and it would be a fine one shot.

Thanks. I'm glad you thought it was good. :twilightsmile:

I like it, it different. I'm assuming she'll be meeting other mane six.

Thank you. :twilightsmile: Well, I expect that would be likely to happen if they all lived in the same town. :eeyup:

A bit brief, but nice.

Is this an AU where Amending Fences didn't happen?

Love the interaction between Moondancer and Pinkie.

I wonder whose her sister and cousin though? Anyresident from Ponyville?

Yes, it's AU as you said. Well, I had imagined her sister was the same one from the Amending Fences episode. As for the distant cousin it could be anypony really. Glad you liked the interactions. :pinkiehappy:

please continue :fluttercry:
or find someone to adopt it and continue it

Glad you enjoyed it so much. :twilightsmile:

you are welcome
sniff ... I want a continuation

This was a really fun read; loved Moondancer's reactions to Pinkie's behavior; really made me laugh out loud. You really got their personalities nailed. Didn't mind the length; anypony could just imagine what a 2nd encounter might be like. Two thumbs up for this piece, no fooling!:twilightblush:

Aww! Thanks so much! :raritystarry: I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. :twilightsmile:

Great story.

Hopefully, we'll see a sequel with Moondancer meeting Pinkie's friends? I love (metaphorical) trainwrecks...

So I get to the end and I'm like... wait, that's it? Ya I know, you don't want to hear it. It left me wanting more. It was good. It's like only half the story though. Surely Pinkie isn't going to take no for an answer? One way or another Pinkie is going to try to win over that pony. Issue number two that's been left hanging... The library is inside Princess Twilight's house/castle. Moondancer's employer is going to be Twilight. :twilightoops:

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