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Moondancer and her friends are visiting Lyra in Ponyville. While they enjoy a sweet treat at Sugarcube Corner, what pony should pop in but one of the famous Elements of Harmony?

But to Moondancer's surprise, they're not quite as famous as she thought...

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love it, absolutely hilarious, I wish more people would do Moondancer visiting Ponyville stories

I think they're more recognised by the later seasons, especially after the publication of the Friendship Journal.

This was an interesting story and this does fit with how the show portrays them.

In all fairness, I can see how some ponies might miss Nightmare Moon. Aside from Princess Celestia being really late with raising the sun, there were very few ponies who actually knew what was going on. Some introverted bookworm could easily have missed the whole thing. I can see ponies thinking Luna is just another Cadance. Heck, Princess Luna missed the whole changeling invasion. Which in a way is kind of disappointing because I would have liked to see her kicking changeling flank.

People said that Celestia rarely ends up being helpful during a crisis on the show, but at least she usually shows up. Most of the time Luna isn't even there. They definitely missed a lot of opportunities with the princesses – but at the same time, writing them to be as powerful as they're supposed to be lore-wise would make them the main characters. That's not really what the show is about.

You know i have to agree that it is really strange that the Mane six are never recognized for all their accomplishments and actions, including saving the world several times, or for their connections to Royalty of not only Equestia but of a number of other lands outside of it, or even their friendship with various celebrities, even being celebrities themselves!
Yet Spike did ONE THING, and is now the beloved hero of the Crystal Empire, it was kind of the reason i had went though a period of a few seasons where i hated him, thankfully i am better now and i like the character again.

Anyways it really does make you wonder what is going on that no one seems to notice them for anything other then that one book they published (In the series worst episode), i think the series even made a joke about it in Sparkle's Seven where applejack revealed she was a past music start.


the difference with Spike is basically everyone in the empire saw him plummet off that tower with the Heart, saw Cadance grab him and be right there when it was empowered and took out Sombra

That’s cartoons for you.

That said, try watching MLP without seeing the premiere and finale episodes of each season.

No reason the Princesses couldn't have had a more active part in major crises and still have the main characters be the heroes. It just requires more work on the part of the writers. If they really didn't want Luna cutting loose during the changeling invasion, instead of having her show up like she'd slept through the whole thing it would have worked better if she'd been cocooned.

Mild perception filter. Them being celebrities would only get in the way of their ability to bear the elements. Ponies have a tendency to not notice what they do in that role.

I like this explanation, and I put forward my own suggestions at the end of the story, but honestly? I think most ponies are just dumb

It would get weird with Twilight's library poofing out of existence and a castle replacing it and Twilight suddenly having wings, and wonder where the heck the characters Starlight came from, and who is this Chrysalis and her clones of the mane six, etc.

Things have always poofed in and out of existence in the show. Griffins, minotaurs, zebras, phoenixes and owls were practically cameos in the grand scheme of the show despite being recurring characters. We never got an explanation/backstory for Trixie nor did we learn much about ANYONE from season 8 and 9.


"I was gonna say Princess of the Fall Formal, but yeah, that too."

Shimmy is Princess of FF too!
Wait a sec. Wrong Pinkie!

"Don't be ridiculous! Nightmare Moon doesn't exist."


"I was gonna say Princess of the Fall Formal, but yeah, that too."

Sunset(appearing from portal): HEY! Im still pretty famous!
Heck im basically an element!
please hasbro?

As for Moondancer, she galloped straight toward the Castle of Friendship's library and checked out every book Twilight had on memory-wiping magic.

Uhh you're gonna need this
hands book about the memory stone
It may be destroyed but just in case

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