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Only by studying the past can we win the present.


I'm Moondancer, friend of Princess Twilight. Yeah that surprised me too. Especially after she abandoned me and my party but water under the bridge as ponies say. My friends, Minuette and the others in Canterlot decided it would be prudent to visit an orphanage in town and make the fillies and colts happy since Hearths Warming is coming up in a few months. Everything changed when I meet a filly who is scarily like me. Better question is why do I feel this way?

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I agree and the drink scene amused me

Maybe because you sympathize with the filly.

A fanfic with Moondancer? I put it aside to read it calmly

Is that a compliment or a negative thing lol. Moondancer is underused in my opinion

yeah, prices can be insane at times

I'm curious as to what Moondancer's job will end up being. The only thing I can think of given what's been written about her so far is 'Research Assistant'.

That's what good friends do, here when in need, same with good neighbors. Had it a few weeks ago.

And interesting music choice for her

No, no, it's a compliment, I also made a fanfic with Moondancer, in my universe she gets engaged to an Italian male OC of mine, but I don't know if I'll put it, because it's in script format, I'd have to translate it into an original fanfic and it would take time as well as translating it from Italian to English.

Oh okay nice lol. Moondancer is the best

nice chapter, Moondancer who goes to an orphanage and meets a filly who reminds her of herself, honestly Moondancer is a character that I adore so I made a fanfic for her, but who knows how long it will take me to set it up for this site, but for the moment I read yours.

the mares drinking alcohol, it's a beautiful scene well described, especially when Moondancer imagines herself in the middle of December.

Moondancer should learn better to take care of her home, how she managed to get by is a mystery, my guess is that her family is rich and they sent her money

And so Moondancer has a love? Poor pony for the work she had to do for the house, I hope you will continue to write.

The sheer sass this child is exuding.

Interesting so far.

nice work once again

An interesting idea about her where abouts during the Invasion.

And i noticed an odd space

Uh where was I for what?” I asked and stared into her surprisingly bright
Lavender eyes.

Interesting background about tootsie. Her mother, reference to that one fan Song?

Well that's a big oof. I didn't expect things to go that bad so fast.

Huh. I kinda think Moondancer should have talked to Cotton first. She's an odd filly. She might actually not want Moondancer to adopt her. And it does seem kind of odd to be able to go through all the paperwork without letting the foal in question know someone wants to adopt them.

Also, might I suggest changing a line? "I want her." That sounds all sorts of wrong. Like Cotton is an object. Maybe "I want to adopt her." instead?

Nicly Done and air head, odd name when you first hear it

Nice work on this so far!

Love these adoption type stories, been cute so far.

I'm glad you like it so far

gave me a good laugh

Amusing, but are they really that daft? Even though they visit the orphanage, they didn't think she might want to adopt?

Bizarre chapter. Not a fan of Pinkie Deus Ex Machina.

That went pretty smooth. A bit surprised we haven't heard anything from Twilight. I'd think she would want to try and figure out what went wrong and how to fix it.

I have plans for Twilight but it's coming later after Lyra and Bon Bon meet Cotton.

Good joke on Lyra!

Funny, the mentioning of kids for her and Bon Bon is a bit Ironic for me...sorry, old habit

Nicely done and you got a discord too?

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