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Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. Those who do study history are doomed to watch other people repeat it.

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Screaming Around the Turkey - Dealing With Differences at Thanksgiving and Beyond · 8:49pm November 26th

As we lead up to Thanksgiving and all the stereotypical conflict that surrounds the dining table, I am mindful of how intensely polarized our society has become. It is becoming harder and harder for people to remain friends, it seems. Recent days have reminded me how grateful I am for the friends I've made over the years, and the lessons we've learned from our own conflicts. I have decided to share some of these lessons with you, in the hopes that it will make your lives and the lives of those

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Hey, I appreciate it. I've just been fortunate enough to have it brought home to me how important it is to live the whole "love your enemies" principle. I was given the wisdom when I didn't deserve it, so I try to pay it forward and do the best a poor sinner like me can do. I'm glad you started that group, by the way.

After seeing your kind and wise messages on the recent thread I made at the “Warriors of Jesus” group, I suddenly felt inspired to follow you a while back.

I thought I’d let you know that, just in case.

If it helps, usually when I find old stories it's because there was a new one that trended and had something in the 'also liked' or 'similar' tabs that caught my attention. The search algorithms probably dropped your fic in the sidebar of a trending romance or Blueblood story. My guess is Blueblood because there were those comedy shorts a few months back about Blueblood jumping our a window to escape Luna and then getting a promotion or whatever. I only read the first one and barely remember it, but looking back that's probably how I found yours.

Gotcha, thank you :). There was a small influx of attention to it and I've tried (and failed) to track down why...

  • Viewing 30 - 34 of 34
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