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Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. Those who do study history are doomed to watch other people repeat it.


This story is a sequel to My Neighbor

Mr. Arrow was a friend to her family. Now, Applejack joins him on his yearly visit to Arlington.

Reading My Neighbor is not strictly necessary for this story, but it is very short and will give a lot of context.

As a Memorial Day Tribute, this story is dedicated to all those who have served, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice. For any veterans living with trauma, I've placed a link here for the veteran helpline. There is no shame in needing to talk to someone. You served us. Let us serve you.

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Each of Rarity's friends played a role in the Great War, serving with great honor in ending the tyranny of the Griffon Dominion. But Rarity? Rarity stayed. It wasn't her choice. Her friends insisted. And, in all fairness, they were probably right. Somepony needed to stay, and it made the most sense for it to be her.

Still, it never felt right.

Now the war is over, and scarred veterans are trickling back into their communities, surrounding Rarity with reminders of the price paid by her fellow citizens, and leaving her with a mounting guilt over the un-payable debt. So when Applejack asks Rarity to help get a member of her old unit back on his hooves after the war, the seamstress jumps at the chance to do her part. Corporal Iron 'Shoddy' Shod may be a little ... rough of manners for her tastes, it's true, but he's a hard worker, and Rarity is confident in her ability to help him. But when it becomes apparent that Shoddy has more to overcome than just his lack of decorum, Rarity will learn some deep truths about the price that some pay for freedom, and the wounds that don't stop with the flesh.

For it is often said that the hardest battle a veteran faces is the one he fights at home.

As this story contains graphic imagery of war, depression, and the struggle with suicide in certain chapters, I am placing a link to the Veteran Crisis line here, as well as links to the national suicide prevention hotline and a list of international hotlines. There is no shame in needing help. In truth, it is courageous to ask for it.

This story is set in an alternative universe that picks up after the end of Season 4. Thus, all events that follow Tirek's defeat either didn't happen or happened differently. The specifics will unfold with the story, but for now it suffices to say that the "Princess of Friendship" title became quite intertwined with international diplomacy in this world. Unless otherwise specified, it does not follow the canon of my other works.

Special thanks to MadHotaru for the use of his artwork for the cover image. https://madhotaru.deviantart.com/art/Classic-style-329958227

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Actions speak when words fail.

Now with a sequel: Their Neighbors

Picture by Corey Taratuta.

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The Great War ended many years ago, but its effects live on in the ponies who fought and bled on its battlefields. A journalist interviews some of the War's greatest heroes, seeking to know the people behind the legends.


Memoirs of My War is written as a tribute to all veterans, but, as this Veterans Day marks the hundredth anniversary of the end of World War One, it is dedicated to the remembrance of those brave souls in particular. This story is a companion story to another military tribute of mine, Flowers of the Forest, but neither are required reading for the other. A brief overview of the "War's Generation" AU (which is canon for both) is provided here for context, but is not required for either.

As this story contains graphic imagery in certain chapters, I am placing a link to the Veteran Crisis line here, as well as links to the national suicide prevention hotline and a list of international hotlines. There is no shame in needing help. In fact, it is courageous to ask.

Cover art is "Retreat" by Ulyanovetz.

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This story is a sequel to A 14th Century Friar in Celestia's Court

A short compendium of supplementary data, bonus chapters, spinoff chapters, and spoof chapters for A 14th Century Friar in Celestia's Court. Some are chapters which will be canon for the main story but which would interrupt the flow by getting sidetracked with, say, philosophy, religion, or history to a degree which would drag for many readers. Some will be helpful guides (like the character description guide for the first chapter). Some will be more along the lines of a crackfic - a non-canon bit with 14th C. characters that I wrote out of boredom or some measure of derangement. Technically, this isn't a sequel to 14th C., but it won't make much sense without the context.

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Years have passed since the Crystal War ended. Twilight Sparkle visits an old haunt to spend some time catching up with her friends. Then comes the question of who picks up the tab.

This story follows the alternate universe canon wherein Equestria fought in a state of Total War against Sombra's Crystal Empire.

As a Memorial Day Tribute, this story is dedicated to all those who have served, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice. For any veterans living with trauma, I've placed a link here for the veteran helpline. There is no shame in needing to talk to someone.

Folks were kind enough to submit this to the Royal Canterlot Library. Thank you to everyone responsible for adding it. I'm grateful that you found in it something meaningful.

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Friar Jacques de Charrette was tired. The Templars, his first Order, were gone, massacred by a treacherous King. His old wars are over, as the Kingdoms of Europe tear each other apart for land and power. Now a Hospitaller priest, and an old man, Friar Jacques expects nothing more than to live out the rest of his days in peace. But Providence has other plans in store for Jacques, and when a distant land has need of his aid, the dutiful warrior priest will answer the call.

He just would have preferred that someone warn him about the magical talking ponies.

Perhaps an odd foray into Human in Equestria writing, but I enjoy being unconventional. We often see modern men flung into the medieval world. What about a medieval man being flung into modern Equestria? A 14th Century Supplement in Celestia's Court is a companion volume, with a list of character descriptions (first chapter), canonical vignettes, and non-canon comedy chapters which will be added as time goes on. It is not required reading, but you may find chapters useful for context or amusing for the lack of context.

General disclaimer: this story is a work of fiction. 'My Little Pony' is the property of Hasbro and its affiliates. References to historical figures are made, but these are subject to creative license, and resemblance between original characters and those of other works are coincidental. I will make an effort to note when a historical reference is made in case people want to check the source material (and to cite my own sources), but these will be relatively few in number. Cover art is Heor Corbray by Nordheimer; thanks to lordelliot for finding the original.

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Years have passed since the Great War. A retired Twilight Sparkle visits the grave of one of Equestria's fallen heroes and sits down to rest and converse.

This story is part of the AU canon "War's Generation," but may be read as a standalone.

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This story is considered canon for A 14th Century Friar in Celestia's Court, but may be read as a standalone.

Spearhead was a guard. Had been for years. He'd gone through the Academy with Shining Armor, seen action against bandits in the border territories, even served a stint in the Royal Expeditionary Force. It was good work; a noble calling. He loved being a Guard.

Spearhead was an artist. Sure, it might not have been his special talent, but he'd been creating avant garde art for as long as he'd been training with spears. He was planning on going back to school to pursue a career in art. He didn't want to stop being a Guard to make art, at least not yet, but he did wonder about the future, when he wasn't so fit or wanted a change of pace. But it wasn't an immediate issue. He still had years of service ahead of him, after all, and there was no reason not pursue art on the side. Plenty of soldiers had hobbies, and Spearhead was content to let the future look after itself.

Then, the day his buddy was supposed to be getting married, an invading swarm of Changelings broke through the city's shield, which did not sit will with Spearhead, to say the least.

This is a tale of the Battle for Canterlot, and of one guardpony whose life would be forever changed by it.

The character of Spearhead intrigued me. From the brief bit that we see of him in Season 7, he seems like a standup guy, even if he's not quite all there. I felt he merited fleshing out. This story is rated 'Teen' for violence, though I don't plan on making it gory.

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In the jungle, even sleep is not a refuge from the horror of war. A radio operator tries to find something to hold onto while surrounded by nightmares, both real and imagined, and the line between the two is all too often blurred. One day, he knows, he'll go home and try to move on. Until then, he keeps the radio on.

CONTENT WARNING: This story contains potential triggers for veterans suffering from PTSD. It is based on the recollections of a dozen veterans I've spoken to over the years, in particular several Vietnam War veterans. The content is disturbing, but necessary to paint an accurate picture of one facet of war. Link to veteran helpline here.

This story is not intended to be a commentary on the Vietnam War. Rather, it is about a soldier finding something to cling to when surrounded by madness. This describes perhaps a majority of the men who served in that war: good people caught in an impossible situation and just trying to survive and keep their comrades alive. Whatever your opinions on the nature of the conflict are, please be respectful of the veterans in the comment section.

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