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War. It is central to our existence. It is how we determine the strong. It is what equalizes nations. It is both glorious and horrifying.

This is a group devoted entirely to war and stories about war. All new members are asked to familiarize themselves with the Laws of War to counter the possibility of misunderstanding.


Dominatus Imperator, Eagle, Lord Commissar Alexer


SECTION ONE: Ranking System

All individuals who have posted at least one story will be promoted to the rank of Contributor. Individuals who may be willing to help in moderation duties are asked to step forward and contact one of the existing moderators. If deemed suitable, such individuals will be promoted to the rank of moderator.

SECTION TWO: The Laws of Posting

1. All stories posted are to be grammatically correct. While we do not expect there to be no errors, we expect stories to be well written enough to be legible and understandable.

2. In an effort to enact quality preservation, stories with down-votes greater or equal to the number of up-votes will be eliminated.

3. Stories that fail to deliver as they promise, or are blatant attempts at obtaining likes will be denied. For reference: "The Wise Soldier" (http://www.fimfiction.net/story/220628/the-wise-soldier) would be a story that fails to deliver as promised, since it declares that the protagonist seeks the peaceful way out, which is clearly not delivered over the course of the story.

4. Stories can only be placed in one folder. Consequently, authors are asked to upload at their own discretion. This will be enforced by moderators.

SECTION THREE: The Laws of Decency and Fairness

1. We are a group that believes in fair and honest discourse. If you believe that your story has in any way been unjustly removed, then please lodge your complaint in the forum (see subsection 4). All arguments shall be viewed, and if deemed reasonable, shall be acted upon.

2. We are all required to be polite. While discussion is allowed, and indeed, encouraged, we will not tolerate hateful and rude remarks. This extends specifically to insults and foul language directed specifically towards individuals. Failure to comply will result in one warning, followed by demotion (or a second demerit), followed by banishment. All members are encouraged to report individuals who do not comply to this law (See subsection 4 for rules of accusations).

3. We do not attack groups who we disagree with. Individuals found starting wars with other groups shall be warned to desist once, be demoted (or given a second demerit) upon non-compliance, and in the case of further disobedience, be banished.

4. All demerits issued and stories blacklisted will be noted in a separate forum posts. Forum posts will cite reasoning behind demerits or blacklists. Individuals can make argument against perceived injustices by responding to the original post. Requests for demerits or blacklists shall be listed with the word "REQUEST" followed by the nature of the request (ie. "demerit", "blacklist") and the name of the user or story. For example, when requesting a blacklist, the forum post will be listed as "REQUEST: Blacklist 'xxxxx'. Requests must cite laws broken.

5. Any and all accusations against a fellow member must be supported with quotes or a screenshot. Failure to do so will result in the accusation being ignored and possible a possible demerit for defamation.

6. Moderators are to be obeyed if they stay within these laws. Moderators are not allowed to abuse their power in an attempt to further themselves (this includes rank intimidation and removal of individuals or stories without citing a reason). Any moderator caught bullying another member of this group will be demoted.

7. Posts in the forum that do not relate to the LAWS OF WAR cannot be stickied. This is to ensure that only relevant posts are assigned to the top.

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And if the story is Anthropology? What genre is it? :trixieshiftright:

Also, wow... The rules section is like a hearing or getting a court martial :twilightoops:

If I chucked a story in the wrong folder, do I just remove it and re-upload it to the correct one?

I got a story that I wanted to post it on this group but I'm affraid that it won't be accepted, so can someone check on my story. It's on my page

I got a war story that is based on the season 5 episode finale and its set in the EQG universe, which folder should I placed it

Trying to think of how ponies would design this own guns. I believe they may use a lever and crank system.

Is there anybody making ww1 story ?

Do you need help ?

Anyone want to help me write a Korean War fanfic?

I have joined purely because the Laws of War are so beautifully and professionally laid out.

Also to maximize views. Yay!

Murica wins wars with determination.

One of the four horsemen.

Hmmm. . . this place looks interest-

War fics? Sign me up for that! :pinkiehappy:

Where has this group been all my life?!

I'm very sorry about what happened. You see, we try to enforce quality in all of the stories in the group. Unfortunately, it is hard to determine what is good or bad on little time. This, being a group that serves the people, holds to a policy that more often than not, the readers know what they want and what is good. I am sorry that what happened was unpleasant for you, but please understand the circumstances. We do not make a policy of discrimination based on popularity, but are in fact trying to prevent what could potentially be a glut of military fetish fics from pouring in. If you have any ideas on making the Laws fairer, I'm all ears.

Regardless, you are now in violation of SECTION 3.2 of the LAWS OF WAR. While your complaints are valid, you put it through in a way that is uncouth and can be viewed as an insult. You are therefore receiving a demerit. Further non-compliance will be rewarded with demotion or further demerit.

You rule an votes is quite frankly bullshit! Way to support those who have done a story and didn`t do so well. Such a huge moral boost in deed. Fuck your rules and FUCK YOU!

Is that the Civ V war declaration logo? Or am I seeing things...?

Eagle #9 · Sep 27th, 2013 · · 1 ·

It ain't pretty, but someone's gotta do it. That's us.

328694 Welcome! Let us sow the fields with blood.

Hello guys Hell calls out for war

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