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Hello and welcome to this group, this group here is where all your War stories can go!... Quiet a lame introduction right there if I do say so myself.

But any ways the point of the group is to announce and promote your War stories. And they can be about anything, Humans Vs. Ponies, Ponies Vs. Ponies, Ponies Vs. Humans Vs. Dragons. Vs Chuck Norris!

The possibilities and combinations are endless! But also they don't have to be a story that just revolves around one war. Your story's main character does not have to be a soldier, I also accept Rebellion stories since those kind of count as a war just nothing as major as a full fledged war.

Now we have many folders as you can see, some that are made to hold specific stories. I do in fact accept stories that may hold, Clop, Excessive Gore, and extremely strong language. But those stories must go right into the Mature Folder.

If I find a story that is rated mature and it is not in the Mature Folder you better pray to Celestia herself, that I do not find you.

But overall please enjoy the group have fun, and remember Keep Calm Write On.

Also for any new members please do not forget to introduce yourself in the introducing thread.

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Hello, I'd like to submit my story (WW2 soldiers in Equestria).


313185 Your story is fine, I do not mind it being on here.

hello everybody,
Spike the Knight, is a prequel to a war story, so I added it anyway, if you feel that it shouldn't be here, let me know.
Anyway I hope you enjoy it.

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