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Welcome Everypony! This is a group that is dedicated to anypony's war stories. Whether is an empire war, a gunfight, a duel, or an apocalypse of sorts, this is the group to go to!

If the story is extremely gory or contains excessive sexual content, put it in the mature folder.
If it's the apocalypse, apocalypse folder.
Crossover, crossover folder, anything else, you should know how to read.
That's it, Byez!

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I would like to ask to add my own Story, Gate: Thus Twilight Conquered!, to the [Crossover] Folder.

362606 No problem!

362604 Oh, I would like to recommend this story called Black Dawn in your apocalyptic folder. It's a really good story. If you don't mind that is. <:)

362604 Oh sweet, thanks! :D It's a crossover as well :)

357887 I think I know how to now!

357887 I'd add it, but I have no idea how! I've looked EVERYWHERE and there is no add story option for stories other than my own. I sowwy D:

357886 I don't see the add story option when I go in the folders.

357875 Someone is gonna have to add it because I can't.

357625 Okie Doki Loki! :pinkiecrazy:

357590 You can add it :pinkiehappy:

357571 And I also put a good war story called Wings Of Tommorow Lament Of The World in your group. I did not write this one but it is very good it is about Fluttershy being transported to a nightmarish alternate timeline where Equestria is in a civil war between the genocidal Republic ruled by mass murdering Unicorn supremacists and the freedom loving Royalist army that wants to restore Princess Celestia to the throne. I hope you like it.

357571 I do have an apocalyptic story called A Pony's Sacrifice :3

357569 My story does take place in a alternate universe where Luna is the sole ruler of Equestria

357562 I hope you like my story but the war actually starts at chapter 4 just to give you a heads up :pinkiehappy:

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