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Immortan Joe

Follow me and I myself will carry you to the gates of Valhalla. Where you'll ride eternal, shiny and chrome!

Welcome to the Citadel!

Steps to Valhalla

Have a story reach Valhalla [x]

Become the Immortan [X]

Hit 1,000 Story views [x]

Hit 5,000 Story views [x]

Hit 10,000 Story views [x]

Hit 25,000 Story views [x]

Hit 50,000 Story views [x]

Hit 100,000 Story views [x]

Become the most viewed author on the site []

Reach 50 Warboys [x]

Reach 100 Warboys [x]

Reach 500 Warboys [x]

Reach 1,000 Warboys []

Become the most watched author on the site []

Take over the Site []

Then all of the internet []

Ascend to Valhalla []

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...*pokes with stick*...is it dead?

This is one instance in which I would love to be proven wrong. I'm just speaking from experience: it's extremely rare for someone to turn up after being gone this long. It has happened, though.

I know he checks in once a year. Or at least he did when we were in close contact.


He hasn't been to this site in nearly eight months. That's a pretty strong indication that he's not coming back. He's never going to see these comments.

Hey there Joe, it’s been a while. Haven’t seen or heard from you in a long time. I moved to texas and moved back home. Got fired for going to the er. But id like you catch up while I’m in town. I don’t have your number on my new phone but my number hasn’t changed. I got a pc worth a damn now, so if you’d like we can play something together. Have a drink. Anyways it was nice to scroll by and see your name on a fic search. Not much is good on this site anymore is it? If you see this let me know. I can’t message you for some reason so I’ll just leave this here. Maybe I can run by some stupid jokes or stories I wrote.

We still await your return from Valhalla, Joe.

So watching Ep 9 (latest season) of Ancient Aliens (little random, bare with me) and thry got to a point where they started theorizing that ancient space bug landed on earth via asteroid that killed out most of the human population, but the ones that loved came out with language and art, etc. Hightened intelligence, basicly.

I then wondered how similar that was to your story, minus the magic. Maybe someones been reading it, haha!

Hey there Joe, love the name! think I could borrow the war rig sometime...? :trollestia:


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