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Immortan Joe

Follow me and I myself will carry you to the gates of Valhalla. Where you'll ride eternal, shiny and chrome!

Welcome to the Citadel!

Steps to Valhalla

Have a story reach Valhalla [x]

Become the Immortan [X]

Hit 1,000 Story views [x]

Hit 5,000 Story views [x]

Hit 10,000 Story views [x]

Hit 25,000 Story views [x]

Hit 50,000 Story views [x]

Hit 100,000 Story views [x]

Become the most viewed author on the site []

Reach 50 Warboys [x]

Reach 100 Warboys [x]

Reach 500 Warboys [x]

Reach 1,000 Warboys []

Become the most watched author on the site []

Take over the Site []

Then all of the internet []

Ascend to Valhalla []

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Did you die? And if so did anyone witness you?


2398076 lmao :rainbowlaugh:

I'm dying. You just made my night.

Well well. You ended up on the front page again. Seems like you're 'with it', like I was.

Will you ever finish the butler? I can wait, just wondering.

2364033 I'll try your The Sorta Yet Not so Average Human in Equesria story, and keep my thoughts on it to myself until it's done. Less weirdness I spread the butter. The bread is my lover.


Well...all I write is mainly HiE



2364014 2364011 That's fine. Don't mind me, remember weird stuff that I shouldn't know. Because wasn't there.

Brain damage must be on my part.

Anyho, now that I think of it, don't think I usually read HiE stories much. Should give some a try!

It depends. Some people don't look at PMs that often, but will check a message on their user page.

Him, and honestly I'm okay with that. I enforce the rules, and that was no longer in violation of the rules. I only ask that in the future you either wait for 100 up votes or message one of the admins and ask for permission to add a sub-100 story.

  • Viewing 469 - 478 of 478
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