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In search for a replacement for his pet Daisy (his rabbit). Doomguy finds himself in Equestria right after Twilight enchanted Smarty Pants with the Want it Need it spell. Now what could possibly go wrong with a Blood Thirsty marine who just defeated the minions of Hell more than once?

You may experience some naughty words!

don't worry the ponies don't swear.

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Well all righty then.

Doomguy can run up to 50 kilometers an hour...


That was where I lost it it.

This is quite awesome and Doomguy is my new favourite MLP character!

Going to read it simply because of the picture. Here, have a stache :moustache:


This is fucking magical.

lol you crazy mofo :rainbowlaugh: that was gold :twilightsmile:

Shame Doomguy forgot he can pull any number of weapons out of his ass.

I usually dislike "Random", but this was cool.
I must mention that it was somewhat OOC for him to not have gone on a mayor rampage, though.

This is just beautiful, fucking beautiful!
Same here

He sprinted towards the horse, but to his avail it was just too fast for him to keep up with.

Are you kidding? No mere mortal can outmatch the legendary speed of the Doom marine!

This is awesome. So awesome. Too awesome for words to adequately describe.


The Magic of Friendship must be getting to him just from being in Equestria.

He became so anger that his body began to shake uncontrollably


Same here :rainbowlaugh: I spent a good 60 seconds just sitting there trying to keep my laughter down because I'm in a library.

Best fanfic I've read in a while.

3295960 Thanks for pointing that out, I fixed it and everything else (hopefully.)

3295466 I just didn't want to write about Doomguy destroying Equestria, I just wanted something quick and funny so that everybody would enjoy.

I checked the author again to see if he would be worth following, before suddenly realizing he has the best fucking profile picture I've ever fucking seen.

A wild Seven81493 appeared

3296169 At first I thought it would be just like my story. Then I read it.

Oh god. My sides. Thumbs up.

3296183 Glad you enjoyed it, haven't read yours but I bet it's good.

Well, this was downright hilarious.

Thumbs up.

I've had this as my profile picture for Forever, and when I saw this... I just knew.

I was not disappointed.

this was the funniest thing i saw today, the cover art alone is epic :rainbowlaugh:

SFM animation. NOW.

Very entertaining, but I feel that it would have been better if he had killed a few of the ponies. It is Doomguy we're talking about here, and regardless, it's a random-type story with a gore tag; we expect grizzly murders.

I enjoyed it. Deal with it.

3311161 You know what I will! :twilightangry2:

3294918 Doomguy is best pony 1993-2013.

3311269 are you going to make more of him kickinh ass?:pinkiehappy:

3324166 I'm thinking about it.

I could see this turning into a series where Doomguy roams Equestria and keeps getting involved in events from the show. Like he gets really thirsty and steals Cheerilee's or Big Mac's love poisoned drink on Hearts and Hooves Day.

3383216 You person, just gave me an amazing idea!


Always happy to help. I'll have to keep an eye out for whatever it is. And thus, you gain a follower. Well played.

3384250 Why thank you! I was not expecting that, well if I do in fact continue the story I might just make it as a sequel. Till then this will remain a one shot.

Apart from the few grammar errors and a tnse change.
This was a great story, Doomguy is the asshole he's supposed to be.

Not every day you see a Doom crossover.
It's a good one, albeit with a few grammar errors.

Don't mess with a human's mind. We do not appreciate it and will demonstrate our displeasure. Violently.

Here's something you DIDN'T know about the Doomguy:

His maximum run speed is 819.52 map units / second.

Approximately 32 map units is equal to one meter (based on the guy's height in terms of map units)

Therefore he runs at 25.61 meters per second, this is equal to about 57.2879 MPH.

The current world record for the 100 meter dash is held by Usain Bolt: 9.69 seconds. The Doomguy can run this in 3.905 seconds, 148% FASTER than Usain Bolt.

The DOOMGUY is capable of outrunning a Lion, and maintaining that speed indefinitely.

Bear in mind that the DOOMGUY can do this with, in all probability, 200 pounds of equipment.

The Doomguy is the strongest video game character ever.
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. "He sprinted towards the horse, but to his avail it was just too fast for him to keep up with. " is complete BS :flutterrage:

MAN, his reaction to getting the spell was PRICELESS!!!!!!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:


The Doomguy is the strongest video game character ever.


Steve from Minecraft is actually the strongest video game character ever.

Say, for example, Steve is carrying one solid 1x1 meter gold block. That block alone weighs in at 19.3 tons.
Therefore, a full stack of 64 blocks weighs in at about 1235 tons.
Of course, that's just one stack. Steve has a maximum of 36 inventory slots, which allows him to carry a ridiculous 44,467 tons of weight.

To put that into perspective, Steve is so strong he can carry the Titanic in his pocket.
Granted, no, he isn't nearly as fast as Doomguy, but the fact that he can even sprint at all is an epic feat in and of itself.

There you go. I did a science.

4137069 ze chief is faster then both the doomguy and Steve.

4796020 Let's put it this way-
Doomguy can do this fic.
Steve can kill with a single punch.
John-117 is Doomguy AND Steve put together.

Yes, but Steve is unable to channel such strength into attacking.
Doomguy, meanwhile, can turn demons into red chunks with his bare hands.
Checkmate, atheists.

4137069 Hammer space is kind of cheating.

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