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This story is undergoing major changes, and just might be integrated with another story of mine. Thus, this one might not be started again until the other is complete. It is by no means going to be cancelled. I made a promise to a colleague, and I intend to keep it. This WILL be completed, just at a later date.

Murphy Dryadson had just left the E3 convention. Or rather, tried to. He kinda got outsmarted by an interdimensional deity. The result? He got sent to a land previously thought to be make-believe, as the character he was dressed as. Complete with a mark on his hand containing a power that grows each passing day. Now he's in the middle of a war and has to figure out how to get home.

Typical Mondays, as always.

This story is not originally mine. Indeed, the author of the story had lost interest in it, but didn't want to see it sitting and rotting like a piece of roadkill on a highway. So, he entrusted it to me. The author is no less than the exceptional writer and word weaver, BlueSun52. Go give him a look (and a follow, if you please), his work is amazing.

Now, to clear some things up.

First, this will not be exactly the same, sadly, as the admins make clear rules against such things, plagiarism and all that. No, I'm afraid it will be quite different. The main character will be the same, of that you can be of sure of, so don't worry about that.

Secondly, if you've any suggestions or comments or, especially, concerns, please notify me. I would greatly appreciate it, and, admittedly, at times I may need it to keep going at a steady pace.

Finally, story tags will be added as the elements of said tags appear, just to add to the mystery.

And that's about it. Now, please enjoy the story.

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If you have a good name, I'll be more than happy to hear it.


4300074 That's a good one:rainbowlaugh:

Too bad I already am using the name for another one of my stories.

4300276 Hmm, I like it. I'll put it under consideration. Thanks:twilightsmile:

like Dumbledore used to wear in the Lord of the Rings movies

Um what? You mean Gandalf, right?

4300340 .......:facehoof:

Thanks for mentioning that.

I was going to, but I thought it would be funnier to leave it in.

Kay, you have my attention since I happen to love Dragon age :D

Three things:
1. You're welcome.
2. Show, don't tell. Example:

Murphy explained his whole situation to Twilight .....


[TIME SKIP] .... and then I walked through the door and started explaining everything to you", Murphy explained. [CUE TWILIGHT'S LECTURE ON RUNES]

3. 1 moon = 1 month

4349146 there are a few cultures that have to whole 1 moon = 1 night thing although they are few in number compared to the ones in the 1 moon = 1 month group. Also if memory serves the moon in equestria is full most if not all of the time (going by what i remember from the show) so it is also possible that 30 moons does in fact equal 30 nights there.

4349404 yah most people tend to think of the lunar calendar with the whole 1 moon thing lol. Maybe I'm just weird in how i think :pinkiecrazy:

Oooo...let the blood flow, let the dragonborn absort the power...let the ...wait...this aint no dragonborn....

4349146 Your welcome and thanks for the advice, I will keep that in mind.:twilightsmile:

4349377 Argh, I should have realized that the moon was full once a month:raritydespair: Science was never my friend. But yeah, since the moon seems to be full everyday in their world I think people can let that slide.


since the moon seems to be full everyday in their world I think people can let that slide.

You should probably specify that in an Author's Note.

You, good sir, need an editor/proofreader.

And twillight just randomly knows everything :ajbemused:

And then they bucked...............the enemies in the face.

Update Update Update!~ *(dances merrily)*

This have the setting and feeling of a videogame...

4868858 Hmmm, I know what you mean but I can't seem to recall what it is:duck: All well, I'll go play some Skyrim and figure it out later:trollestia:

Be warned, there are dark times coming for both our world and in another. If you are to save this world, you must go to the other and stop the coming darkness or all hope will be lost.

Pfft, bitch, please! We have superior firepower!

"Your foe is well equipped, well-trained, battle-hardened. He believes his gods are on his side. Let him believe what he will. We have the tanks on ours." - Colonel Joachim Pfeiff, Krieg 14th Armoured Regiment

Back from where I come from, ponies don't talk at all.

In my opinion, ponies in MLP in real life would look as much like actual ponies as humans do gorillas.

He tried to get back up, but something heavy was now on top of him and he looked up to see a pair of magenta eyes staring menacingly right at him.

She can't be that heavy. First, she's light enough to fly magic or no magic she must be light and probably has hollow bones. Besides, my first reaction would be to reach up and jab her in the eyes. Then put her into a head lock while bracing her wings shut with my knees. If he wings are damaged from it, too bad. If anyone attempts to physically interfere, my only options to avoid having to fight two opponents is to snap her neck before engaging the new hostile or to smash her head into the ground hard enough to render her unconscious and hope her skull doesn't break. Probably the back of her head, to avoid squishing her eyes (side of head) or breaking her muzzle (front of head).

Well, technically we say everypony instead of everyone

If you're going to be a little, purple Rules Lawyer, then I'm going to get off on that technicality like a crime lord and ignore you're methods of speech.

I'm not doubting that Celestia cannot deal with any threat that might come, but if anything would to happen to her-

That you think something can happen to her means you doubt her ability to deal with any threat. I can see why, she has a track record of failing miserably to protect even herself against every single threat that has come to Equestria. Baring the dumb luck of finding the Elements against Discord and for sealing her sister. Instead of cleansing her with the Elements which we all know she could have done since that is what happened to Luna in the first freaking episode! Celestia either fails or makes everything worse, every time.

Murphy Dryadson

Well the Murphy part can't possibly be unfortunate and "Dryad's son" won't be relevant to the story at all. Sarcasm? Of course not!

And what makes you think that his body would make any difference?

Somebody wasn't listening. :trollestia:

They might think that since we were the bearers of the elements, we might be in a way of some sort of plan they come up with!

Maybe, but I'm pretty sure the Elements only work on anomalies like Discord and Nightmare Moon. They probably wouldn't do anything to Chrysalis and Sombra, let alone dragons. Though that sort-of possessed dragon leading them might be affected by it.

I've fought against evil forces before and I won't be left out just because I'm now a princess

You've never fought anything. You just let some magical doohickey do everything. First the Elements, then the Crystal Heart, then the Tree of Harmony. Yeah, you're so gonna die. Sit back and let the hyper-lethal, apex predator, warrior species do the fighting.

So as a princess of Equestria, I'm ordering you to follow my lead

He isn't one of your subjects, so you can't give him orders.

Thanks to Twilight, she used a spell to increase his dexterity and he came at high speed slashing the creatures in seconds.

Dexterity has nothing to do with speed or reflexes. Good fic, though. Wish the chapters were about twice as long. However, you do need a proof-reader.

Did you really believe you could bring down an entire dragon on your own?

If he had climbed up the chain while he had the chance, he could have rammed his flaming sword between it's vertebrae by now, then just stab it through the eye or hollow of its skull with his burning greatsword. Sadly, our "hero" doesn't seem all that bright.

If thy think you can defeat me than you are more foolish than I thought

One one hand, "thy"? Really? On the other hand, finally an author who properly uses "than" and "then"! Glad for the update, though! :pinkiehappy:

The dragon was slayed

Slain. Technically, though, anything ending in -ed is past tense and correct grammar. Some slang has become confused with correct grammar. For example, "drank" (drank water) is not actually a word, the correct word is "drunked" (drunked water) or "leapt" should be "leaped". But, honestly, those slangs sound better. Well, more sophisticated than caveman-speak, anyway.

Honestly, though, this whole battle "felt" like something from Dragon Age. Especially the group battle against the dragon with teammates Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash.


On the other hand, finally an author who properly uses "than" and "then"!

No, he used it incorrectly.

5250197 You'll have to find out in the next chapter:ajsmug: (And I hope there's a Cole pony too:trollestia:)

why did he not realize and recognize the demons from dragon age you would think dressing up as the inquisitor he would know.

he doesn't know everything about the game...I believe it wasn't out yet if I remember correctly.

Nice now the real fun starts. :pinkiehappy:

5379134 Yep, this was before the game was months away from release.

Okay, first thing I wondered upon seeing this was what kind of Inquisitor? Guy or girl? Human, elf, or dwarf? Warrior, rouge, or mage?

4871562 not to mention, the dragons aren't evil, just on the opposite side. Major difference.

princess twilight sparkle as navi!

so ponyville is haven?

the castle of the two pony sisters is skyloft?

awsome job keep it up!

I have been waiting for someone to do a crossover like this! Well, not with MLP, but I'll take what I can get!

5445155 Glad that I could make that happen:twilightsmile:

5334119 dressing up and playing the games are not the same thing ^^

5483819 but the guy has played the previous dragon age's the demons design some what stayed the same in inquisition only adding a few new demons i mean he has faced from the story a pride demon and a rage demon along with shades and they barley chaged them from the previous games

If it would give you some comfort, I do not feel great about what I’ve done towards him

You're lucky he's clearly one of those shounen "super-forgive-everything" protagonists. I'd have broken out and killed you for your betrayal. Death to traitors. At the very least, I would not assist you in defending Equestria, no matter how much you beg, unless Luna's head was delivered to me.

You have full authority to use Murphy as you please but once this crisis is over, we will discuss further details about necessity of the Inquisition.

You do not have the right to make any such judgements. You do not have the right to give authority over Murphy. I hope he kills you, wretched traitor.

jeez, really?
I'm glad you have no power then.


Caption cluch my favorite :rainbowkiss:

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