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Immortan Joe

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After an unexplainable storm consumes two Boeing C-17s during a routine sortie over the Arizona desert. Freelance Journalist, Frank Hugh, and a company of armed soldiers find themselves literally crash landing into Equestria. With no knowledge of survival or any combat training, Frank must find a way to cope and survive in a new world while trying to find any other survivors before the land's inhabitants take him.

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A new Immortan Joe story, cool :pinkiehappy:

looks good, first Upvote ;)

So they either are somehow oblivious, or just don't care that what they've juat met is terrified of them? And of course dumbass RD goes and attacks a thing that runs away from them.

I am... reluctant to read this, but considering it's apparent popularity, I might just. My biggest question before I actually read it though: does the author actually have military experience to draw from, or am I going to have to deal with "best guess" like so many others?

I'll be honest I have no personal experince, hence why the MC is a civilian journalist. Though I have, and do, try to study up on military practices, terms, etc.

I won't defend myself in saying I fully know what I'm writing. So please do correct me or simply point out if anything is incorrect.

Mmmm... Okay, I'll give it a shot later when I'm off work.

Like the moment after you had finished looking something up online on your computer and you decide to let your buddy search something up and he or she types the letter “P” into the computer and all that browser history appears? Oh c’mon, it's that kinda feeling.

Yeah explaining why you read pony fanfiction would be awkward.:twilightblush:

Needs to be longer Chapters if it's going to survive. We have enough Humans in Equestria stories, and most of them are much better and longer to read than this so far. better sattle up, and not plan to sleep for a long time.

Bretty Gud. Little short on the word count for my tastes, but still. :rainbowdetermined2:

Its goooood, we need more of the gooood :pinkiecrazy:
Poor dude, wait till Twilight gets here and prances around you like a filly at hearts warming :derpytongue2:

So far ita great keep up the good work😘

The wolves encounter would make me angry if I was in his place... Continious stacking odds against me does that.

Great writing though, somewhat reminds me one of Zalazny styles. One he used when he wrote Random's or Merlin's speech for example

This fic is probably dead. :fluttercry:

Yeah..... this guy is kinda a wimp no offense but the fact that he was WHIMPERING is really silly I would be angry just like the last commenter would be given I had just survived all that shit and was about to be killed by fucking WOODEN WOLVES.

Upvote for what could have been. This one had potential.

Another good story dead 😟

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