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Women Warriors · 5:38am Jul 6th, 2015

I recently started reading a fic that got me thinking about female and male warriors and their differences. Though those differences really only matter at the early stages of training. I won't bother mentioning the fic's name or giving a link because I didn't care for it after the first chapter. I might look back later. Three girls displaced to Equestria as three Fate/stay night and Fate/extra Servants if you wanna know.

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Good taste!

You are literally on every single story I seem to read it wouldn't be a fragment of a problem these days

Thanks! Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with it. A whole lot of cool stories and games have taken my attention. I have Strange Bedfellows open in a tab...

I've been reading Strange Bedfellows and my favorite part of every chapter is scrolling down to the bottom and seeing you spreading the word of the might of the imperium.

I just want to thank you for your glorious service and for making not lose faith in mankind's ability to eliminate the Pastal xenos and their daemon of a leader

I salute you, commissar o7

Thank you for adding An Equestrian Witcher to your Favorites!

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