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This group is for second person romance stories that ship you with whatever creature your waifu happens to be.

Feel free to add relevant fics, as long as they meet this criteria:

♦ Romance
♦ Second person POV (You are in the story)
♦ The main character (you) is a human

Only add a story to one folder. For instance, if the story is humanized, just put it in that folder, and none of the others.

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I really hope that it isn't

More than likely, save for that one user who keeps posting fics that are against the rules.

I hate to ask, but is this group dead?

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I'm unable to add my Yak story to the folder, could someone do so for me?

There's surprisingly little changeling fics.

Think I'm going to enjoy this group!

Working on a cute Yona x Anon start up one shot.

I slipped up on the latest one I added. Sorry.

I don't believe that qualifies. They have to date their waifu.

Could we have a folder of...... Human transforming into their Waifu? X3

Might want to add a tab for Griffins.

Hey Biker, thanks for the invite! :twilightsmile:

Pretty much the ones that don't even have the human tag. The specific ones I saw yesterday were already removed. Still there are some. Like one with Darring Doo. The Aftermath of a Journey.

If I find more I will let you know.

Some people adding stories don't get the part were 'you' have to be human in the stories. Seeing posts were the character isn't a human.

:facehoof: That's what I meant...:twilightblush: See what I can sort out when the influx of stories dies down. Faust I need sleep....

Well, they don't all have to be human x pony... They could be human x changeling, human x kirin, human x thestral... you get the idea. :trollestia:

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