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That one lanky boi who tries to be in every creative portion of the fandom at once. Check my about page for all my links.

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-To Gaze Upon Starlight: Chapter 4 currently being written. (My current project)

-Lost in the City of Lights: Chapter 3 has nothing written, doesn't have a huge reader-base, so it's on the backburner. Human moves to Manehattan and shit happens thanks to Discord.

-A Pink Anniversary: It says finished, but I've got a nice SFW fluff chapter being worked on. I'm about 25% through writing it.

-A Song for the Storm: Another finished one, but people really seem to want more... If I can think of some not boring dialogue, maybe I'll continue it a few more chapters. Prolly not tho.

-The Pastel Slim Shady: Chapter 2 has none written down, It originally was just a meme fic so I might just leave it to die as well (unless someone wants to pay me in crypto to have it continued F O S H)

-Call of Pony: Zombies: Canceled


More Batty Expedition soon! · 12:13am Sep 5th, 2019

If you're waiting on the next chapter of Anon's Batty Expedition, don't worry. While I may not be writing 2-3k words a day like the last few chapters, it's getting done! I'm at around 1200 words right now, looking to double that by tomorrow. Gonna be a packed chapter so stay tuned! I know I don't like fics ghosting on me like that, so I figured I'd throw out this post. I don't like giving an exact ETA for fear of lying, but know it'll be done soon!

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Thanks again for fav'ing my story!


ShobieShy? More like The Last Jedi!

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