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That one lanky boi who tries to be in every creative portion of the fandom at once. Check my about page for all my links.

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-Call of Pony: Zombies: Canceled

-The Pastel Slim Shady: Chapter 2 has none written down, It originally was just a meme fic so I might just leave it to die as well (unless someone wants to pay me in crypto to have it continued F O S H)

-A Pink Anniversary: It says finished, but I've got a nice SFW fluff chapter being worked on. I'm about 25% through writing it.

-A Song for the Storm: Another finished one, but people really seem to want more... If I can think of some not boring dialogue, maybe I'll continue it a few more chapters. Prolly not tho.

-Lost in the City of Lights: I'm about 20% through on 'Chapter 2' of this fic. Human moves to Manehattan and shit happens thanks to Discord.

-Dadonequus Discord: Currently formatting chapters 250+. (My current project)
+You can find the story here


So... Unfortunate circumstances... · 5:24am Apr 18th, 2018

I know I just posted one of these, but here’s the thing…

I, today, just lost my job due to completely unfair circumstances that I’d rather not get into right now… So, as much as I’d love to continue my meme of only accepting cryptocurrency, I need whatever kind of money I can get.

If you want a bust of your OC for a profile picture or anything within the limits of what you see, hit me up on Discord: ShobieShy™#0001

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ShobieShy? More like The Last Jedi!

You can run, but you can't hide.

...Unless you block me, I guess.


It's just small things that are mainly subjective. Like Luna's transformation into human, some of the other human characters are eh, MC didn't even think to mention his fiance when lewd stuff started happening? Those things just made me bleh.

But on the flip side, I really like MC and Luna's dynamic with each other. The plot line seems really neat. The starting premise is original as far as I've seen.

Overall, very nice, but has some issues.

Good to know that, I'm curious though, perhaps you could share some of comments about those parts you loved and those that you just wanted to say, nope, don't, stop?

You know, as a constructive criticism?:twilightblush:

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