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Routine day with a dirt cheap brush, then a week goes by and it goes untouched. Then two, then three, then a month, and the rest of your life you beat yourself up. - Aesop Rock, "Rings"


Pinkamena just wants to stay in her own lane. If Pinkie has a problem that needs yelled at, kicked at, or jeeringly tolerated until it goes away, she can handle it. But what’s a sourfaced split personality to do when her agreeable half vanishes overnight like a fart in the wind?

Pinkamena is not a sleuth. Nor a convincing actress. But she’ll need to be both to guise as Pinkie and solve the mystery of where her better half went.

What a pain in the flank.

(Teen rating for Pinkamena’s crassness and comically short temper.)

Its National Novel Writing Month! I'm breaking my regular short story conventions for a multi-chapter tale of fumbling comedy, uneasy mystery, and (most frightful of all) first-person narration.

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So here's my question. What is this fandom's obsession with making Pinkie's actual name a totally separate thing from her? Pinkie's allowed to have downer moments as much as the next pony.

But I don't see them getting the same treatment.

It's mainly because of two things.
1. Pinkies drastic and rapid temperament shift in party of one.
2. People have trouble imagining pinkie as anything but fun, silly and cheerful.

It's a similar situation to how the undertale fandom views chara.
Your only real confrontation with chara is at the end of a genocide route where she destroys the world.
People don't want to admit they just did that and refuse to imagine frisk the protagonist as anything other that a great person.
So the blame is pushed on chara.

There are things People don't like to think about as they don't fit with their views of something.
So they make something up to add on between the fact and their views.

Sorry for rambling.


Its actually not too common to cast Pinkamena as full-on split personality. At least, not as common as it used to be. The short answer is that lots of pathos can come from taking upbeat extroverted Pinkie Pie, and giving her a quirky sisterly bond with task-oriented, melancholic Pinkamena.


Its very Jungian, the way Pinkamena hard-pivoted into being Pinkie in the show's canon. As if the Rainboom was some sort of reverse trauma. Split personality stories also don't always make Pinkamena all evil and stabby. Some, like this fic, portray her as simply a hardier, more downbeat Fugue who feels protective affection for her inner (or in this case, outer) child.

Finally, (and this is purely a Casketbase thing) I've built a bit of a brand exploring protagonists who are varying shades of mentally ill.

That was a good story so far goodluck with the rest of it.

Perfectly Insane

someone spoke of Chara and so I was summoned.

So, the reason people hate Chara (mainly) is because they don't want to take the blame of what they did themselves, not because of how they view Frisk. Frisk is usually a stand in for the player, and so the player would have to take responsibility for their actions. People don't like doing that, so Chara was blamed instead. It also doesn't help that there's a variety of reasons people interpret Chara as evil, but that's a whole different convo.

The name thing with Pinkie comes from the early days of the internet when split personality meant two different ponies apparently, and for whatever reason that caught on. They latched on to this idea that it was cool to make Pinkamena a different personality in Pinkie's mind, rather than the fact that Pinkie's just sad sometimes.

I could go way more into it, especially with the author bringing up psychology terms and how certain aspects of it may resemble theoretical alters/parts of the personality, but tbh I just don't wanna.

Congrats on participating in National Novel Writing Month! I'm writing My Little Pony fanfiction for NaNoWriMo as well, but I'm writing 50k total for multiple fics instead of one story. Good luck!

I'm cautiously optimistic about this fic.

Great writing so far. Keep it up!

Wait a second... How is Chara not the one responsible for destroying the world?

We just kill the monsters. They are the one who kills the world!

Also, Pinkamena as another side of the coin that is pinkie is only obvious, no? We have seen how she acted before the rainboom and we saw how she acted during the universe that had the war against Sombra...

Mind using spoiler tags when talking about spoilers? Undertale is still on my to-play list and now I wont be comfortable visiting the comment section of this fic, probably will just avoid it entirely.

...Hey, you don't get to judge my inability to act. Hard to be my sister in any capacity.

The Game has Been out for seven years, you cannot reasonably ask people to not discuss a character comparison in a random comment section because you didn't play the game yet.

You're reading a comment section... You're getting what you deserve as no one is forcing you to read.

I wonder if we are going to have a "replaced by a changeling!" scene! :pinkiecrazy:

This is a compelling start! Pinkamena here is probably going to go from what's a essentially a personal Meeseeks to a real pony over the course of the day/however long. And something tells me that was Pinkie's goal from the start. Maybe she got high with Tree Hugger and realized she was repressing her other half.

I was just asking that, if someone feels that something is enough of spoiler to actually write "spoiler for xyz", they then use the nifty spoiler tags that are provided by fimfiction. I apologize if that was too much to ask.

You're reading a comment section... You're getting what you deserve as no one is forcing you to read.

Oof. I'm not certain what offense I did to you to make you feel that I deserve that, but ok. Still, I wish you that the comments sections on all your favorite stories be free from spoilers or other irritations for you.

Anyway, the story is rather interesting so far, and I'm curious to where it will go (and what the crisis - if any - is). Maybe we'll find the root cause when we learn what happened the night before.

I hate to keep blabbing about myself, but I thought you might find it amusing to note how we wrote our split personalities finding themselves in control of a body near identically:

I noticed something was wrong. Mostly because it was me doing the noticing.


Tarot woke up.

If it could even be called that.

Something felt terribly, terribly wrong.

But enough about me. Yours is a CHARACTER driven, not a plot driven, and this opening is to establish your Pinkamena as her own (not the murderous madmare I and most associate her with) and communicate the direnes of the new situation. Pinkie is AWOL, and Mena is in charge. I appreciate the little things, like the very in character idea of Pinkie asking for a gag gift on holidays, but more so I appreciate the physical changes Mena brings in her posture and body. As little sense as it makes, I always love the creative ways literal split personality plots differentiate between their lead's looks.

Oh boy, you got your first "discussion about a completely different series" argument in your comments! Mine was Naruto.

There I went again. Saying "my" over and over like I had right to use that word.

Shoutout to another of your trademark EXCELLENTLY short and poignant lines.

havent seen a pinkamina FF in a while, cant wait to read more
Edit: correction havent seen one that isnt a creepypasta FF

What happened to offend me? :rainbowhuh:

Your words are illogical. You read comments you get what happens.

To get what one deserves (idiom):
To be deserving of the bad things that happen to one, usually because of one's past misdeeds.

I guess this was merely an misunderstanding, and you were unaware of the connotations by your choice of words (unless you did wish to imply that I do deserve to have things spoiled because I read comments)

Comment posted by Somdudewillson deleted Nov 10th, 2022

I've always imagined Pinkamena to be Pinkie with her head on straight, whether that takes the form of a mood shift or an alternative personality.


Your words are illogical. You read comments you get what happens.

...Yes, because the idea that Undertale spoilers should be expected to be in the comments section of a fic with no inherent relation to Undertale is just so logical.

So the fandom being stupid then. Got it. Not touching anything about Undertale since I never cared at all about it.

Touch a hot stove, you get a burnt hand.


How else do you want to describe it? He said spoiler and you kept reading.

Gods above and below, somepony get the hook and haul the sad clown offstage already.

Aww! You need a hug don't you Ponkers?:rainbowkiss:

But seriously, there are moments when she feels very much like a angry or sad Pinkie Pie. :unsuresweetie:

The speaking cadence, the nicknames, the desperation to please people. :duck:

I don't know if that was the point or not, but it gives me investment in the character.:twilightsmile:

I guess I wrote all of that to ask the obvious question: Are they different personalities anymore? Or has Pinkamena fused with Pinkie and she just hasn't realized it yet?

Huh. For some reason I am reminded of another fic I've read that delved into the "split personality" aspect. Pinkie Personalities was its name, and it was somewhat darker in tone, as one of the plot points involved the concept of split personalities being something that needed to be "treated", like a disease. Instead of just having Pinkamena in her head, though, Pinkie also had Surprise the energetic pegasus in there.

I’d just like to clarify something: generally, ‘split personality’ isn’t actually something that people use to refer to different people in their head, mainly because ‘personality’ implies they aren’t really a *person*, per se. These days, ‘alter’ is used if you want to use the medical term, while ‘headmate’ is preferred for non-medical; generally it’s also accepted that alters are people of their own despite sharing the same body.

Hey chum, if you’re reading this head my warning s’i vous plaît.

Don’t scroll down to read the comments. The salt mines beneath Lake Huron contain less salt than the comments below. Regardless of who’s in the right or in the wrong there is really nowhere that needs this amount of spite and vitriol and less so in the comments section of these lovely horse words.

Just read the story and enjoy if you do or leave if you don’t. Personally? I really enjoy this very specific type of story where Pinkamena is her own separate entity from Pinkie Pie and flounders around trying to navigate Pinkie’s world.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for the ever surly (and on some very rare occasions sometimes sweet) Pinkamena Pie.

Apologies author if the comments derail away from the topic of the chapter but for my part I have so far enjoyed the story and hope for more chapters! :twilightsmile:

I don't think comments are displayed in that order

Y'know it's a shame Pinkamina sees herself as an ailment and not a perfectly valid part of the mare that people know as pinkie as a whole.
She's a perfectly valid part of their DiD system and actually is pinkies most reliable friend. Seems to me like she's formed by trauma pinkie had to endure and is a defense mechanism that allows pinkie to maintain her upbeat personality most of the time.
I guess this alter also got Pinkies self esteem issues as well? Not that she can't have her own, alters arent just collectives of things you don't want to feel, but maybe pinkie is using pinkamina to compensate a bit

Split personality is a little bit offensive.
It's preferable to call them seperate personalities or alters.
edit: I've learned seperate personality is also unacceptable. so just use alter or headmate, as a previous comment said

It looks like Pinkie’s brain has rewired itself (neuroplasticity, etc.) to the point where the original Pinkie Pie is gone (likely permanently). If this were to occur in real life a visit to a neurologist to search for concussions, strokes, or other brain trauma would be the next logical (and possibly life-saving) step. Chances are that Pinkamena would not be aware of this yet.

It seems as if Pinkamena (in a very real sense) has not been around (let alone in control) long enough to realize this. Pinkamena may have as little as two to four years of experience to draw upon (given some of the things that she doesn’t know that one might expect her to (as of this chapter)). Fortunately, her procedural memory seems to be intact (as one would expect) which should at least allow her to function until she eventually has a better idea of what to do next.

Sort of... the algorithm is kinda weird. I believe most of my posts in particular were done while viewing chapter 2. This means that they can be found in both chapter 2 and the main page. Those who post on the "main page" with no chapter being viewed are hidden in the specific chapters. (Which is how this post is being done)

There is, as I recall from long ago, a setting for ascending or descending posts.

Long story short; if he posted the warning in chapter 2 they can definitely get the warning before reading. If he didn't? It will be lost in the sea of posts that long stories generate forgotten and unheeded.

Well this is a very difficult situation.

I get what you're saying about Systems, but this is a much more literal split personality- real systems don't come with physical on the spot transformations. While you can draw parallels to your real life situation, the one depicted is a supernatural/magical occurrence.

Interesting start and unique take. I‘ll keep an eye on this.

Yikes… Things got bitter real quickly…

Always fun to see the depressive counterpart to Pinkie's usual mania have a mind of her own. (For a given value of "fun," anyway.) Looking forward to seeing where this leads, and just how long Pinkamena can maintain the charade. If she thought dealing with the twins was bad, just wait until she actually has to teach... :twilightoops:

Yeah comments are sorted by date posted (newest to oldest) so since then more comments have been posted, do what you can I suppose.

This is different, I like it though it has me wondering what's happened in the background before the story started that caused either pinkie to flip out without remembering it. Must have been one heck of a party she was out for.

Edit: I Just want accurate representation

I wish to see more of this, to see the interactions, the desperate flailing's of one thrown in the deep end and the (hopefully positive) end result.
Btw love the arts at the top of the chapters.

11419487 salt you say,

"Takes a look"

Undertale yep, spoilers ahuh. Poor word choice.

Yep, this comment section has perfect ingredients to become a warzone and frankly I can't wait to see how it progresses.






Oh Lordy, the theories are already surfacing. Each with their own bit of plausibility. Clues are already accumulating for Pinkamena. Some of them she's noticed, but others are washing right past. I already have an ending I plan to stick with, so go hog wild with speculation.

Perhaps Pinkamena's tempestuous trot to work will align her anxieties. Wonder whether she'll meet any friends on her way there...


I’m very excited to see where this story goes, I think it’s very good so far!

Actually, I surprisingly have to agree with CharonX here. If someone doesn't think about something being a spoiler, or doesn't consider it one, that's fine. In fact, per the first response CharonX didn't say anything about not discussing stuff that could be considered spoilers, because you're not wrong; The game IS seven years old, and with how popular it is actually avoiding spoilers for it would be rather difficult in the best of cases.

That said, if you DO consider something a spoiler then you should try to use the spoiler tags for several reasons, such as:

  • You might be skimming the comments and happen to miss the part mentioning spoilers and just see the spoiler itself;
  • Someone could quote the spoiler bit which could cause you to see it on accident, probably in a manner similar to the first point;
  • You're like me and your brain will pick up on some of the typed information even when you're actively trying to avoid reading it, whether because you read faster than you react to what you're reading, or just passively absorbing some of the text like rainbow dash does, or some other reason;

You're not strictly wrong about just, well, "Not reading it"... but that's far easier to do when you have to actively attempt to read it as opposed to stumbling across it.

To use your example of a hot stove, if a person knows the stove is hot and touches it anyway that's probably on them (assuming someone didn't bump them into it or something), but it's possible for someone to end up touching it and getting burned without having realized it was hot to begin with. The spoiler tags are essentially a way of saying "Hey, just letting you know the stovetop is on" to help ensure that doesn't happen, and that's reasonable enough to ask people to do when they turn on the metaphorical stove. Especially given that they tried to do so, but in a way somewhat more like putting a post-it on the stove with small text; They certainly tried to warn people, but the way they did so was easier to miss than the other way CharonX suggested.

Mine is less of a theory on what happened and more 'a possible conclusion Twilight and co might come too after interecting with her'. You imply it is a major theme of the story and I imply it might just be one beat in the larger narrative (a good source of drama and comedy at that). While related I feel they are different enough in their own light to be different things.

This is a very interesting premise. It's like a study on the nature of depression.

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