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Fierce foalhood bullying taught Applejack to keep a certain hobby of hers to herself. Years of holding it in has made her a bit skittish, but like every pony with a secret, it was only matter of time until she got caught.

Tight, dreamlike character vignette striving to capture the mood of the source pic. Pinkie was certainly a tough pony to portray in way that felt “right,” but those characters tend to be the most rewarding when things finally click.

This is an entry in the Snippet Series, an anthology of old oneshots that I (and my good buddy Str8aura) wrote based around interesting pics I found. New ones will be posted every Thursday for the foreseeable future.

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I like it. Nice job!

Aww, this was outright adorable. Although I have to ask, did you mean to tag this as EQG Pinkie? Probably not, but good to ask regardless. Anyways, this was lovely!

For Pinky's entrance, I was sure that you were going to do the cliched thing of having her suddenly appear behind Applejack and just go "Whatcha dooooing?" or such. But given the stakes of AJ's sensitivity, it would have felt like a way huger invasion of privacy and personal space than normal for Pinkie. Even worse if it gave the impression she had been lurking in the room for an unknown amount of time.

Applejack could always count on was her supplies to behave themselves.

This sentence would make more sense if it began with a "What," or eliminated the "was."

I have to ask: Is Pinkie Pie the eighth color?

Darn my 2:00 AM upload schedule. There’s always a few goofy errors I miss but the readers don’t. And it’s good to know Pinkie’s entrance worked well. A lotta works tend to portray her as a dimwitted cartoony spaz, but this version needed to showcase that perceptive, sensitive side hidden under all her childishness.

U got it. I was worried that tidbit was too subtle, but you’re a smart cookie who picked up on it. Have a Spike Of Distinction. :moustache:

Hard agree on that. It makes me cringe everytime I see someone portray Pinkie as an insensitive ball of energy, asking intrusive questions left and right, and generally being a nuisance. I really love how it's phrased in the story : "I may be bubblegum colored, but I’m not bubblegum thick".
It's hard to balance her bubbliness with a more grounded sense of empathy and sensitivity, but this story managed it and for that, it gets a thumbs up from me.

“Hope… heh heh. Hope you don’t mind a little spittle on your art supplies, AJ. Cuz my hoofers aren’t cutting it.”

Look at this plebian not calling them Hoovsies.

Can't say I understood it for the first few parts, but once it kicked in it was a nice vignette. Certainly a unique topic to cover, though; is that the pic that inspired it on the cover?

Like the old Hexie fic, this story came from an art post on the subreddit that got my wheels turning.

You may question if my status as a closeted Brony affected this fic’s story in any way. I say if you’re asking, you already know the answer.

As for the color motif in the first half... check the comments below for another reader who already figured out their significance.

That story is just about as sweet as the pic used for it. And of course I decided to read because of how amazingly sweet pic was, so yes, I liked how sweet this story was. Honestly, writing fan fiction was my equivalent to that for a long time, so this story really registered with me.

i wasnt gonna ask about the closetness, You checkmated yourself. Gotteem.

Hit close to home for me, but still heartwarming.

Was it just me that thought pinkies picture was a realistic heart at first?

Listen, I may be bubblegum colored, but I’m not bubblegum thick.

Pitch-perfect Pinkie Pie, and so is the rest of the story. And Applejack carrying a bit of foalhood shame under layers of callouses and emotional repression makes a dreadful amount of sense. Outstanding work. Thank you for it.

We all need a friend like Pinkie: someone who doesn't mock us for our hobbies, no matter how silly they are.

Damn, this is a special one.

I am near tears by imagining this... who could ask for a better friend than this?

This is a really fantastic fic. A lot of the characterization of AJ's trauma is implied rather than outright stated, which makes it far more powerful.

Darn it! I’m a huge sucker for Slice of Life fics and this just so happens to be an amazingly charming story. Perfect amount of detail, loved your characterizations for Pinkie and AJ.... Everything just works here - making for a very enjoyable read.

Interesting to see Pinkie explored in a more realistic and sensitive manner, energy doesn't have to absolutely define a character.

Thank you for such an intriguing read, I'll be adding this to my journal posthaste.

Aw, it has been way too long since I read some cute, simple one-shot.

Great work! :twilightsmile:

A great story. Love how Pinke refused to leave AJ until she told her what was wrong. Hurt/comfort fics are among my favorite and this is a nice example of why.

Also, this works for AJ. We know she plays banjo, so she's got a creative streak.

A very sweet story; I love seeing Applejack's more vulnerable side, and the use of Pinkie as her confidant proved a nice touch.

Oh mah gosh its me! (A.J.)
People like to joke that im the reincarnation of Applejack, because I look and act like her, but I'm an artist.

Pinkie Pie can be insensitive at times, but I totally agree that there is so much more to her than simple sugar high obliviousness. I made a post on a comic once that went into detail about this very issue.

In any case, a very sweet slice of life fluff story. Nice work.

This is sweet. I actually liked the colors. The idea of having only 7 crayons of the randomest colors seems cool. Kind of like those crayons you get at restaurants.

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