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Manehattan is a beautiful place, isn’t it?

Coco Pommel takes an old friend on a trip down memory lane. Their memory lane: Manehattan, a place they once called home.

Third place in the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting panic contest. The prompt was "Where the River Meets the Sea".

Cover art by myself.

Thanks to Vis-a-Viscera for editing help, and to the rest of the Q&SS group for their suggestions and support.

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Comments ( 4 )

Oh wow, that was amazing. I loved the pacing and wording and the end made me tear up a bit. Wonderful characterization and overall just a lovely piece, can definitely see why you won third place!

Gotta admit, in terms of our two fics talking of the tragedy ponies go through, you hit the mark far better than me, in far fewer words.

Coco's amazingly patient, bursting with potential your words almost sing to, and the flow of this story follows the level yet frantic air with which Coco hand'es Rarity's condition.

It's not said what specifically afflicted Rarity, and I think that ambiguity works to your advantage; it makes the mind's eye focus on the interaction, rather than the inhibitor.

All in all, thank you, then and now, for a fantastic FIMFic. Hope you make the featured if I don't. Or both of us do.

Your support really did help get this story as far as it could. Let's hope both of us get into the box, yeah?

Thank you, Snow - I'm glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

Brilliant work, does rarity got Alzheimer? I just wonder why rarity got this. Two novels I have ever seen about Alzheimer, rarity always be the one who suffers this disease.
I love the scene what shows how sensitivities coco is. And that's why I like this pony. Hardworking, intellectual, thoughtful and kind. And you show these virtues in your words.

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