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Speed Reader may only be a temporary product of a fusion spell brewed by Dash and Twilight, but she's still got the Wonderbolt Barracks to herself for a whole half hour before she splits again. Just long enough to tangle with someone whom her halves would most certainly kick to the curb if either of them were in control.

But they're not in control. Speed Reader is. She can read ponies like books, and Lightning Dust is after something in the archives. Something important.

:pinkiegasp:Now with a written review!:pinkiegasp:

This is an entry in the Snippet Series, an anthology of old oneshots that I (and my good buddy Str8aura) wrote based around interesting pics I found. New ones will be posted every Thursday for the foreseeable future.

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A sudden thud sounded somewhere up the staircase to Speed Reader's left,

Capitalization error

But good story!

Fix’d. Thank you kindly for the catch.

Good story.

Nice creation of a story !
And of a character.

I wouldn't mind seeing more of Speed Reader.

That was a good story, Speed Reader is an interesting character (plus I love the concept of fusion) and I like your version of Lightning Dust, certainly is an interesting take on, her character. I just looked at the 1st story too, and I the interactions between LD and the nurse were really nice. Definitely gonna read more of your stuff.

Being in possible danger made Speed Reader’s twin hearts thump faster in antsy trepidation.


It must be quite sad to come into being a full fledged adult, then realize you only have an hour to live.

BTW if the wonderbolts follow anything like the same rules as the US militay what they did to Lightning Dust constitutes legally actionable negligence especially considering that she has shown a repeated pattern of behavior endangering both herself and others. Not that real world militaries don't semi-regularly DD or OTHD mentally unwell service members without sending them towards help of course.

And now I'm sad, good work on the story though, it's good.

Man, now I really like the fusion pony idea! Either way, this was a great story exploring Lightning Dust and the conflicting views between Twilight, Dash, and Speed Reader.

Could you please explain what "DD" and "OTHD" are?



I knew for the story to go down easily, it would be important for Speed Reader to be phlegmatic and unbothered by her status as a temporary creature. She was conjured to do a job, she did it, and everything she experienced afterwards was just a pleasant bonus. I read somewhere that dogs don’t live as long as humans because they don’t need to live as long to be satisfied with life. Tried to give that mindset to Speed Reader.

For a similar fic where the temporary ponies aren’t so short-lived or ambivalent about existing, try checking out Zecoroota, a story I co-authored on a friend’s profile.

Certain stripes have come unbound. There's two Zecoras running 'round. The terse one's black. The weird one's white. But both are still clear-headed… right? (Written collaboratively with Casketbase77)
Kodiologist · 10k words  ·  26  0 · 613 views

It’s about a pony dividing rather than fusing, but it matches Cover to Cover’s feel and Kodiologist is a nice guy whose page really deserves more traffic.

What a neat follow-up, thematically. Was hoping for more of It Takes A Princess, but this was an engrossing read, too.

We need more Speed Reader stories.

And maybe a Speed Reader edit of this:

dishonorable discharge and general discharge. there's been cases where people get dishonorably discharged by the forces so they can avoid paying healthcare to treat that person

love the way you presented this character, she's fully realized and yet shockingly brief too

Smolder tried out for the 'Bolts? Nice.

The perspective drift honestly cheapens things. It'd be more interesting if Speed Reader could've coaxed bits of the truth out of Lightning over time. Instead, we have it all spelled out through Lightning's own thoughts. It kills some of the mystique.

I always do like the idea of Wind Rider being related to Lightning Dust. She probably took after him in a lot of ways.

Lightning Dust’s hasty backpedaling left mint green scuff marks on the hallway floor

:rainbowhuh: Did... did she skid so hard she left hoof tissue behind?

Overplaying Lightning's hand aside, great stuff. The possibilities presented by fusion are intriguing indeed, especially seeing how the Bearers' assorted issues might play out. Thank you for this. (And I really need to catch up on the Snippet Series. :twilightsheepish:)

You always leave the most constructive, thoughtful comments.

I took a gamble with the POV flip in the fic’s second half. I wanted the reader to be in Lightning Dust’s shoes and really feel the impact when Speed Reader admitted she too had neurological issues. I hoped an extended passage where the voices in Speed Reader’s head weren’t mentioned might make the reader forget about that narrative seed until it paid off. Guess that compromised the story’s intrigue. Oh well.

Glad you liked the bigger universe references to Smolder and Wind Rider. I always worry about those coming across as unbearably corny, like “hey look! It’s a character you know! Look at the character! Look at it!”

Can you tell I don’t normally have pre-readers? I guess it’s no coincidence Idol is (in my opinion) the best Snippet; it’s the only one Nitro Indigo gave a proofread before I published it.

Thanks for using my drawing.

Whoag, are you actually the real-deal artist? I always include the DeviantArt links for the Snippet Series’s cover art, but I never imagined my small fry stories would ever get noticed by the people whose works originally inspired me.

I sincerely hope my portrayal of your character is one you approve of.

Found this through your mention in the Reddit Thread so I had to take a look into it
Both this and your Zecoroota recommendations were pretty good.
I quite enjoyed how you handled the Idea of Fusion with the Fusion having her own Mind and be still impacted by the Minds of the Originals.
would love to see more of Speed Reader.
Also did not expect that rather serious note of the Story but it was well done.

If you take ideas/wishes for other Stories, I would love to see your take on the other two Fusions Tsitra360 made.

very interesting.

This picture is cursed. Holy moly.

The story is great though. Rip speed reader you we're so young.


Prepare for trouble... :raritywink: :ajsmug:

And make it triple! :pinkiehappy: :fluttershyouch:


I admit I don’t have any plans to write stories featuring Fine Apple or Party Animal quite yet, but they’re first in line for consideration in the Snippet Series Season 2 lineup. It probably won’t be for a few months, but rest assured I’ll be getting around to the other two fusions eventually.

Oh man, didn't realize this was a series.

Very excited to see more of this though!

Your drawing looks terrifying

You did an amassing job with that picture.

I agree.
Top notch, it just evokes something.

Neat! I usually find fusions to be cringy but Speed Reader here has not one bit of cringe in her. She's a well-rounded character for what she is. I like her!

Interesting story. One that can make another sequel for a nice trilogy.

I was honestly pleasantly surprised. Combat fusions? You mean this wasn't some one-off spell Twilight MacGyvered? The combined, but unique personality reminds me of the Star Trek Voyager episode "Tuvix," where it was an accident they needed work to reverse and had the ethical dilemma around his separation. Aside from the language, I think you fit the tone of the show quite nicely.

Note: I haven't read the first part.


Admittedly, the idea of a fusion with her own consciousness is neither my own idea nor one I poached from Star Trek.

I got it from a friend who drafted a similar fic fusing Octavia and Vinyl Scratch. The resulting pony was such a charmer that I felt inspired to write my own self-aware amalgamate.

I’ve been encouraging Supermarine to upload more of his Reddit stuff to his Fimfiction page, so hopefully that textpost I linked ends up on this site someday. Any story that prompts a Star Trek comparison must be doing something right.

As for the prequel fic, obviously my status as the author slants my feelings, but I still consider it the second best out of all my published stories (my first one is the best).

I feel like the Rarijack fusion is basically just Dolly Parton.

The only definite detail I’ve settled on for Fine Apple is she’ll have a Neigh Orleans accent. Not only is that a good mix of class and twang, it matches the precedent set by Speed Reader that all fusions have their own speech patterns unique to themselves.


You might want to actually link your stories using the prequel/sequel feature, especially if readers will benefit from the background afforded by other stories in the series. This story did well on its own. I was sympathizing against Lightning Dust HARD, but Speed Reader's reasoning was her own, and it made sense.

When I read this, I sat thinking about how it reminded me of this other story I read about Lightning Dust's condition. Then I got to the Author's Note, and it all became clear. :P Nicely done.

When I read the description and knew Lightning Dust was in it, I instantly thought about three Bolded Words and really hoped we'd see more stuff like that about her rather than a two dimensional asshole. I didn't check the author name before I started.

Hot damn I was surprised when it turned out to be a direct sequel.

I liked the way speed reader was introduced and handled, especially highlighting the horrible neurotic mess she got lumped with (which is what makes her such a good pony to work with Lightning).

I really, really hope Lightning Dust is able to get better. but I suspect she might be disappointed when she learns it isn't something you can truly "fix".

Looking forwards to the next instalment with bated breath.

hEh, litty city go brrr, stonk'th.

so Lightning Dust leaned on a nearby ottoman

I just pictured a Prussian Lightning Dust leaning on a Turkish Soldier at Gallopoli.

I am neither Twilight Sparkle nor Rainbow Dash. You can call me Speed Reader.

Personality disorders are not service connectible.

I... huh, now I need more Pony fusion stories. Get those polar opposites together, see what happens when you get cripplingly shy Fluttershy crossed with out going Pinkie Pie, or rough and tumble Applejack with prim and proper Rarity. Ya know, thought experiments and such :D

Good story nonetheless, Speed Reader's personalty was solid and cleverly built, impressive considering the short story length. 10/10 would read more!

Apologies if you already saw my earlier comment about it, but Fine Apple and Party Animal will definitely be getting their own Snippets someday.

All I gotta do is come up with some decent story ideas for each. Any suggestions?

Ah, I didn't see it but I'm glad to see you're thinking about writing it :D As for ideas I'm sorely lacking I'm afraid, the best I can think of off the top of my head is Rarity having to design Farmer chic for a catwalk? Got nothing for Party Animal though :/

No worries, friendo; I’ll figure something out. Fine Apple‘s story will most likely have her interacting with Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom.

Party Animal though... Hm. The easy route would be to cast her opposite of Discord, but he’s a hard character to write (I’ve only ever had the courage to depict his daughter as practice). Gonna have to keep pondering this one.

Ooh I love puzzles. Party animal.... hmmm... the most obvious need would be an ill discord needing a temporary caretaker of chaos magic. Pinkie alone cant really be trusted but Fluttershy alone would suppress too much and lose control, rewuiring the fusion. Discord being ill would provide sn excuse for him not to be totally in character and he would only need to show up at the very start and possibly end.

However if Discord is to be avoided entirely... the driving need could be a rare creature that needs to party a certain way to either mate or hibernate. I dont have a mythical creature in mind, but worst case you could make one up.

Not sure where you are going with Fancy Apple. (...Fine Apple, whatever), but I am interested to find out.

Maybe a party for magical creatures in the Everfree and Fluttershy is to afraid to go "alone", for Party Animal? Or a party for Discord to celebrate his anniversary for becoming a "Good Guy"? God only knows what you get when you mix the Stare with Pinkie Sense lmao.

Tbh for Fine Apple my second thought was something to do with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, but couldn't think of a scenario so didn't mention it lol. Maybe another Sister Hooves Social (was that what the competition was called? fuck it was so many years ago D:) thing but there isn't enough slots open, so one big sister and two little sisters? Or Rarity needs help with a rich patron who's big into rustic clothing? Or AJ wants to cinch a big deal with some Manehatten socialite and doesn't remember how to do "fancy"?

Great story! One somewhat unrelated thing got me thinking and I'm not really sure about is if Twilight would magic what's effectively a new pony into existence just to unmake them an hour later. Don't mention the mirror pool.

You aught to right sequels more often

This is like when (reference to another show btw) two gems fuse and the result isn’t one or the other personality or a mix of both, but something different?


Poor Speed. So much drama in so little time. Really glad to see Three Bolded Words continues.

Pony Tuvix strikes back. No, seriously, just call it that and you'll have the impact of so competing a character wrapped up in a pretty little bow.

Alas, the attempt by a conjoined mind to try and fix a self-invested one actually does warm my heart up right, and that it's part of ongoing series to show that the future of Equestria is just as rife with complaceny-challenging friendship problems that can't be fixed with a hoof pointing out the door or a trip through the Medusiazation machine known as the Harmony Beam... well, its a nice change of pace.

That you managed to cook this up with a friend only helps symbolize just what MLP can still mean to writers like us, even in the days after the Last Problem (yeah, likely) has been solved.

I... envy your skills, would like to subscribe to your newsletter, and will happily settle for seeing how this all sequelizes smoothly.

Okay, I think I hit the alterations bonus square enough today. Also, the process about this kinda makes me long for a Spitfire cameo, or an elaboration of 'they' considering Lightning Dust's headbutting with multiple authorities making that phrase a bit vaguer than I'd like, or really, anything showing why the Wonderbolt Academy's remained so static under Dash besides consulting the appendix.

Other than that, you've done a great story. Can't really say much more, mainly because I'm trying to cut down on the fluff.

Hey, I think you did an excellent job on this story. I personally have no disorders or mental issues, so often I assume that when someone talks with me who does have such issues, those issues they bring up are something that can be talked out and resolved immediately as if it is just a behavior to be fixed. But they really can be fundamental mental differences and while they work to understand themselves better, we as friends should be there to support them.

That's not to say that we have to accept bad, or even abusive, behavior from them, they need to understand what is too far despite their issues. But if they are willing to better themselves and learn from their mistakes then I believe that we can be there for them when they need it. So again, great story. :twilightsmile:

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