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This story is a sequel to Castle Clean Up

Coinciding with Quick

Written with permission from Tittysparkles and TheDudeAbides

Coverart from here

Twilight has been using her discovery with the Want It, Need It spell to satisfy her urges ever since and decides it is the best way to deal with her heat this season, so she doesn't have to suffer through it, nor look for a stallion to help her, while making sure said stallion doesn't knock her up, the latter of which she won't do due to being a fillyfooler.

However, she is so intent to rid herself of her heat, she forgets one crucial detail whilst having her futanari clones help her through it. Mares can get pregnant when in heat if somepony releases inside their womb, a fact she learns all too well. Her only comfort is confining in Cadance, the only pony who knew Twilight was having orgies with her own clones.

Now, pregnant with her own child, Twilight must figure out how to explain to her friends, her parents, Celestia and, worst of all, her brother, that she got herself pregnant... with herself.

Along with dealing with the difficulties pregnancy brings on its own, Twilight will have to deal with how the rest of Equestria will react to the idea that she sired her own child.

Luckily for her, there is another pony coming to grips with the idea of sudden motherhood; somepony Twilight is very surprised to meet again.

Note: When it says she gets herself with herself, it means one of her clones got her pregnant, not that she's pregnant with another her.

TittySparkles story just opened this thought in my mind the moment i read it, though i kept in inside until now.

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You have my attention.

One potential problem with this story. This problem can be avoided if this story has good comedic value. There are quite a few jokes you can make in the later chapters, especially with Twilight explaining. This is good. Make it great

Strange. Very, very strange. Yet interesting non the less

The part that makes it even more confusing is that the child would be a true clone.
Not gonna read this though. I think first the chapter is well written, true enough, but it's just not the sort of fic I like, sorry.

Can't wait to read more

Actually she only has a 50% chance to have a clone of herself, and that's before you consider mutations during the somatic cells divisions.

you have my attention you better bloody finish this

A couple of the things mentioned here I've been debating in my head, it's quite interesting

I don't think its quite as simple as that. Whilst I'm no geneticist, I am pretty sure that the chances of creating a perfect clone through traditional reproduction is countable infinite, even if the parents are genetically identical. Sexual mitosis is imperfect at the best of times and the way those two sets of divided chromosomes recombine afterwards also contains a level of variation.
On top of this, even if the child were genetically identical, proteins in the mothers womb (both stable and environmentally effected)change how the child develops in-utro. Dolly the sheep should have been completely identical to the original genetic donor, but in practice she technically had THREE parents! The genetic donor was the major contributor, but both the egg donor and the surrogate mother had a tremendous influence on the resulting foetus as it developed.
A more visible example of variation within genetic twins is the cloning of pets, who's fur colour and patterning are often very different from the original precious family member, along with many other less obvious traits.

In short, whilst the child could be eerily similar to her (or 'his' if the spell worked that way) mother, they would not be a clone in the strictest sense and would likely pass as a regular child.

Or I could be talking out of my posterior, after all; 'Magic!'

Yes, that's why I said "and that's before considering mutations".
The 50% chance only equates to having the same pair of chromosomes, or 8 outcomes of the 16 possibilities (times the number of chromosomes). If you throw in the random chance of an error during DNA replication then things get a little more complicated.
As for the changes during gestation that only affects the phenotype, not the genotype. It would still be a clone even if she looked a little different.

Hey I found the script!
The child, born of the midichlorians, will save the galaxy and rid it of the Sith.
Wait, that's the plot to Start Wars. Well, as the song goes, I'll be watching you.

Hello! I am new. Let's make friend with me :D Read my first blog. :)

Mmmm. . . I like it :moustache:.
I hope that chapter 2 comes out fast .

Twilight managed asexual reproduction. Huh. So I haven't read the prequel, and I don't plan to, but ths gist of it is that Twilight makes male clones of herself and clops with them? So the baby would be another clone of her because the father had identical DNA and Twilight is going to end up raising a mini Twilight. The Twilight has been doubled! :pinkiehappy:

I do wonder though, did Twilight's DNA change when she became an alicorn? If it did, then the baby will be an alicorn too. If not, she'll be a unicorn.

Apologies! Apparently my brain was only 50% awake when I misread your comment and such this morning. I realised part way through the day that I'd somehow associated 'clone' with 'physical duplicate' when I wrote that response and thus am worthy of ridicule. Rest assured the offending cranial organ has suitably corrected, through repeated introduction to a flat writing surface.

Don't worry, I thought about the 50% chance thing and it's very wrong anyway: the chances that all three possible combination of every chromosome pairs be identical to Twilight's is much smaller. You have the (50/100) * (1/3) ^ the number of chromosomes for ponies. Could be about 0.000(add 24 zeros)0145% chance if I'm not mistaken (math was a long time ago).
Then you add the random mutation thing and I'll just join you in the head smashing on desk competition.

Excellent. Then let us all head-desk together.

*Reads description*

. . . The frick?

6314827 Not male, Futa. (girls with dicks)

6315969 So the "father" was female too? Well that's wierd. At least we know for sure the little one is a filly though, no Y chromosomes to go around.

“Congratulations, Your Highness,” he grinned, holding the test papers out to her. “You’re pregnant.”

And, queue title sequence!

And, deep in Twilight's subconscious, multiple things sprang to life.

Here are a few examples:

And, deep in Spike mind are a series of things that are similar:

you never disappoint autum while you take a long time updating your old stories the new ones are always good

:rainbowlaugh: I should use this idea.


The odds of a truly identical genetic copy are astonishingly small, yes. Something on the order of 2^some insanely large number against. But the odds of a physically almost-identical one are much much closer to possible, when you consider that many of the genetic sequences don't matter. Exons (the bits of DNA that don't actually encode for anything) don't matter, and they actually make up a lot of the genome in most real animals. And even within coding genes, there's lots of DNA sequences which are interchangeable for each other (64 base pair triplets code for 20 amino acids). And then you can also ignore recessive traits as long as the dominant trait was passed on...

Once you throw in all of that, a physically essentially identical little filly is not terribly unlikely. This is just a ballpark guess, but I'd say it's closer to 0.0001% chance to be truly identical looking, and up to 5% to be superficially identical (that is, identical in any traits you can see, but possibly not identical in exact genomic expression internally).

This story essentially is using autoreproduction (the correct term for impregnating oneself - something that some plants can actually do RL, but no animals I'm aware of can), and that's where the best actual statistics would come from. Of course, we're designed as humans to look for very tiny differences between humans, and not so much tiny differences between bushes, so the genetics versus expression issue would still remain difficult to quantify.

This has been your Science Moment. You may now resume being amused by weird sexual antics.

It is called parthenogenesis and a decent number of insects and reptiles are capable of it, as well as a few other egg-laying animals. There is actually this one breed of desert lizard that literally has no males. It's an entire species of clones, pretty much.





6319606 Ah, Doctor Who. The best show of all all time. PERIOD. And you just made a logical connection of it and a fic about the aftermath of seflcest futa groupsex. tvovermind.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Matt-Smith-Doctor-Who-GIFs-10.gif

Hah, let's see where this goes.
Good job, Twi :rainbowlaugh:

phffffffffffffffff haha. I need more. can't wait for more of story. lol

You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.

Its not just Twilights friends and family that she has to worry about, just think on Celestia's, Lunas and Cadance' reaction when they hear and see what happened, and how it happened, to Twilight :rainbowlaugh:

6317082 I have seen where a misunderstanding may have occurred due to the description. I never meant she is pregnant with another version of herself, only that her clone got her pregnant.

An example, Mrs Cake got pregnant with Mr Cake. This can clearly be identified as he got her pregnant. That is what i was getting at in the description when saying she got herself pregnant with herself.

I apologize for any confusion

6313552 my apologizes. I had not realized the confusion i caused. Twilight is not pregnant with another clone. Saying she got pregnant with herself is like saying a girl got pregnant with a dude from her school.

It means that the clone knocked her up, not that the foal is another clone. Sorry again for the confusion

6514196 But that's how genes work. If a clone of you were made with the X/Y chromosome count shifted just enough to be of the opposite gender, and that clone had a child with you, then the child would still carry the exact same genetic sequence, thus being another clone.
If you're saying that the clone that got Twilight pregnant did NOT have the same genetic sequencing, then I was never a clone to begin with.

6514185 It's the "with herself" bit that really throws it off. Consider the statements;

John got Jane pregnant. We know that the child is a mixture of John and Jane genetically, and will probably look something like both of them.

Jane got herself pregnant. In the real world, "Jane did something dumb and now she's knocked up." But when you throw in enough shenanigans, it's possible that Jane impregnated herself (and that could someday actually be possible scientifically, if we can turn an egg into a sperm!)

Jane got herself pregnant with herself. Now suddenly I'm picturing Jane is the daddy, Jane is the mommy, AND Jane is the baby (hey, All You Zombies!) Which is how the tangent of whether the baby was a clone or not comes up. How likely is it that Twilight's baby with herself will be _identical_. It turns out that while it would be possible, it's more likely that there'd be some little differences.

(Genetically, some of Twilights genes are probably something like Bb, where B is the dominant, expressed trait and b is the recessive trait. In which case her sexually produced child with herself could end up instead being bb on that trait. It's also possible that you have a codominant trait like CD. In which case both CC and DD are also possible outcomes.) My argument is that Twilight's baby could look exactly like Twilight. Or she might not. And it's probably on the "not" side. She'd probably have a lot of tiny differences - maybe the mane is a little lighter, or a little darker. Maybe the coat is a different shade. Maybe she grows up to be a bit taller - or shorter.

6514196 I'm still waiting for more...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

LOLOLOLOLOLOL next chapter please :rainbowlaugh:

Written with permission from Tittysparkles and TheDudeAbides

Why did you have to get permission from TheDudeAbides?

6643863 because his fic, Quick, is worked into this fic's universe.

YES. Finally got my sequel! Can't wait for the next chapter!

it passtime for the next chapter

This was fun! Thanks! Watching for sure.

Please continue because I liked this story, but her reaction to the fact she got herself pregnant is funny.:rainbowlaugh:

6647676 Cool, but I still want to see more of this fic...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

The world went black as Twilight hit the floor.


Are you planning on finishing the story I’ve been waiting for the next Chapter four long time now

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